Low-Light Camera Comparison Quiz

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After the main conference closed on Day Two of mobile Web West Africa last week, we had some party time on the roof at FourPoints By Sheraton. I had the opportunity to test out the low-light capabilities of the smartphones that I had on me at the time. The following shots were taken at 7.20 PM when it was already quite dark. The upper picture reflects the visual conditions at the time and was taken with the Sony Xperia P’s 8 megapixel snapper. No flash. I chose the Night Scene mode.

I am withholding the name of the phone which was used for the lower picture. Flash was also disabled and Night Scene mode used. Yes; it was an 8 megapixel camera phone too. Same scene. Same time. You can see how much clearer the lower photo is. Amazing; isn’t it?


The Quiz

Here is the question you have to answer: What smartphone delivered the lower picture?


  1. Wondering…

    can one tell what make of pen wrote a cheque by merely looking at that cheque?

    unless you specify the devices on you then, it is an impossible question to answer visually, or LOGICALLY..!

  2. I agree with eye bee Kay, but I’ll stick out my neck for Nokia Lumia, most likely 920 specie

  3. This EyeBeeKay and his big grammar sef. Just a pick a phone. Any phone, even if it doesn’t have a camera! Pick it out of your head, your nose, or your imagination. The phone doesn’t even have to exist. Just pick a phone jor! Crazy fella!


  4. if this were to be an exam i know i would have failed. This is just like writing stupid answers just because you did not the instructions well/understand it before answering exam question. I was just thinking even after posting what i thought could be the phone when i remembered that mr said the second phone has 8megapixel too, then i asked myself -how may megapixel does the htc one have? The answer is 4. Then i asked myself aagain, how could you then think that phone x that mr mo used could be htc one? Fuckup.
    So mr mo, any room for receipt/ carry over paper? If yes then my answer is lumia 920

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