Lumia 950 versus Nokia 8: Which Takes Better Photos?

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Many Nokia enthusiasts have been dying to see a photo shootout of Lumia 950 versus Nokia 8. The reasons are obvious. Nokia was the smartphone photography champion for about a decade, churning out the world’s best camera phones one after the other. In the last few years if its affair with Windows Phone, the Lumia 950 (and 950 XL) have held their own in the smartphone photography world, outshining every contender that has been pitched against them.

This year, HMD Global, the new manufacturers of Nokia smartphones released the Nokia 8 with lots of fanfare around its photography capabilities. Naturally, Nokia fans have been expectant: will the Nokia 8 deliver on Nokia’s legendary reputation with smartphone photography?

Lumia 950 vs Nokia 8

It is a question that I have asked myself too. Thankfully, someone has finally belled the cat and solved the riddle.

Lumia 950 versus Nokia 8: camera specs

On paper, here is how the two camera phones stand:

Item Lumia 950 Nokia 8
Megapixel Count 20 megapixels 13 + 13 megapixels (dual lens)
Aperture f/1.9 f/2.0
Optics Carl Zeiss Carl Zeiss
Flash Triple LED RGB flash Dual LED, dual tone flash
Miscellaneous OIS OIS

In theory, the Lumia 950’s higher megapixel count should result in more detailed images, but then 2017’s hype says that a dual camera setup means improved results. But how does it all work out in real life photography?

Steve Litchfield’s Camera head to head: Lumia 950 vs Nokia 8

Steve Litchfield and KF Chan are smartphone photography experts with years of experience in the field. They ran two sets of shootouts between the two phones. How did the Nokia 8 fare against the Lumia 950?

Lumia 950 versus Nokia 8: 1st Shootout Results

  • Lumia 950: 66/70
  • Nokia 8: 55/70

Lumia 950 versus Nokia 8: 2nd Shootout Results

  • Lumia 950: 53/60
  • Nokia 8: 41/60

Nokia enthusiasts hoping that the Nokia 8’s camera will shine brightly will find these results disappointing. The 2017 flagship took a trouncing from the Lumia 950.

A little over a week ago, I wrote about how 2017’s dual camera phones are only just catching up with the Lumia 950. The Nokia 8’s camera cannot even be classified as struggling against the 950. It doesn’t come close.

In response to that article, my friend, EyeBeeKay says, “Nokia and their camera tech now belong to the old order. The Samsungs of this world are the new kids on the block. And as we know, old technologies do not endure forever, they eventually wither!”. But what use is new technology if it doesn’t bring better results?

Nokia’s “old technology” in photography is still putting the new kids on the block in their places. Admittedly, I expect that dual camera technology will improve tremendously over the next one year and eventually, the Lumia 950’s camera will pale and fade away.

If you are reading this article, you must be interested in all the juicy details, so click on the source links below to go see the photographs for yourself.

Camera head to head: Lumia 950 vs Nokia 8; Camera head to head: Lumia 950 vs Nokia 8 (take 2 – full resolution)

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