Maemo 5 passes 10 million downloads; Documents To Go Premium coming

For those who are worried about the availability of applications for maemo 5, on which the Nokia N900 runs, please be advised that downloads from the Extras depositories alone has surpassed the 10,000,000 mark.

Download counter reads 10,356,360 at the time of publishing this news item.

Note that there are other sources of apps for Maemo 5, and so the total figure of downloads for the platform must be significantly higher. There are around 300 items available from Extras, and in my experience they have just about all needs covered.

In a related development, DataViz has stated that Documents to Go Premium version is on its way to the N900 and will be available sometime after the ongoing updates.

The available version of Documents to Go for Maemo 5 is a viewer only. The premium edition will bring full documents editing to the device. Unfortunately, DataViz does not accept orders from Nigeria. An alternative free editor, AbiWord, exists though and works fine for word processing tasks.


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