Outrage: Clean Master acquires QuickPic Gallery

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If you’re an Android user, then you must’ve come across Clean Master – a task killer app. If you look further, you’ll realize they also own a chain of apps which includes: CM, Browser, CM Backup, CM Launcher etc. People are generally pissed with them because of the adware placed on their apps.

acquisition of QuickPic

QuickPic Gallery is one very lightweight gallery app many people have come to love (me included). Reason because it’s simple, lightweight, and more efficient than Android’s official gallery app. It appears that Cheateh Mobile, makers of Clean Master, acquired the app and re-uploaded it to Google Play Store as seen in the picture above.

The move raised many angry comments in the reviews section of the app, raised by concerns that the once good QuickPic may degenerate to malware app. A rep from Cheetah Mobile released an official statement to Android Police:

QuickPic is a popular picture gallery tool that has been out for a long time, accumulating its own unique technical and functional advantages. Tons of users enjoy QuickPic today, and we’re excited to make even more progress with the app.

On top of its solid, yet light-weight (~1MB) foundations, Cheetah Mobile plans to build more user-oriented product features. Cheetah Mobile will also combine CM Backup for a more simpler, speedier, and safer cloud storage experience.

Cheetah Mobile currently does not have any plan to charge users for QuickPic or place intensive advertising in it. Our focus is on improving the user experience and developing new functions.

Data privacy is a primary concern for Cheetah Mobile. No personally-identifiable information is ever passed back to us from our apps, and any data that is collected as part of routine app functions is always completely anonymous. For users outside of China, Cheetah Mobile stores anonymized app usage data on Amazon’s AWS overseas servers using industry-standard encryption.

Let’s hope the next update doesn’t totally ruin this once great app.

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