The Infinix Hot 2 is one device that has trended endlessly on MobilityArena. We’re still surprised many users have one complaint or the the other


Marshmallow review of Infinix Hot 2 (Android One)

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The Infinix Hot 2 is one device that has trended endlessly on MobilityArena. We’re still surprised many users have one complaint or the the other while using the phone. Funny enough, my unit has been without fault or any of those issues. It makes me wonder whether mine is a different variant. Or does it boil down to usage? Let’s leave that story for another day.


Nevertheless, the Infinix Hot 2 is an awesome device, after the long promised Marshmallow update arrived. I finally updated my unit. Most people said it didn’t come with any changes. After playing with it for a while, I already began seeing a few changes. Below is a brief summary of my Marshmallow experience on the Infinix Hot 2:

First Impressions:


After installing the update, it took a while to boot up that first time. Once it was done, the first screen asked me to set-up my SD card either as Internal or as portable storage. I’ve explained the issue of Marshmallow and your Micro SD card HERE. I plugged the phone to my laptop, and saw some new changes. There are now more options for selection when you plug the phone to a PC.



I ran to one of my favorite apps, Evernote and tried to edit some notes. After selecting text, I noticed a new menu from where one can Copy, Cut, Share and even do a quick Web search. Nice!!

Google Now-On-Tap

Another nifty new feature I noticed on the Infinix Hot 2 is the Google Now-On-Tap feature. Just hold down the home key to activate the feature. It allows users make quick searches using Google Now – and best of all, it works across all apps.


Doze/App manager/Smart Lock

Curiosity led me to Google to find out more Marshmallow features I haven’t seen yet – and this led me to Doze. Remember Greenify. This feature works a lot like it – putting apps to sleep while your phone is inactive. Doze should help save your battery life. The question is, “Does it really work?



You can now individually block apps from having unnecessary permissions. Run along to Settings > Apps > Select the App> Permissions (see screenshot above for Facebook). Digging around in Settings, I came across Smart Lock for Passwords. This feature allows Google save your passwords to your account, allowing for easy sign-in.

Marshmallow Game


Hot-2-M-game (1)-horz

Google embedded a game into all Marshmallow devices. To play this game:

  • Go to Settings> About Phone> Tap four times on the Build number.
  • Android M logo appears, tap it again and Marshmallow logo appear.
  • Long press on the Marshmallow logo, and the game shows up.

The game is a lot like Flappy Bird, though it’s quite difficult to play.

Final words

So far so good, every other thing still looks and feels the same. I didn’t notice any marked difference in performance. The power button annoyingly takes more presses to light up the phone while on standby. The camera still retains it’s state along side every other feature. To all those still experiencing one issue or the other on their phone, visit this post HERE or drop your complains in the comments section.


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  2. The tap I know is more intuitive on Marshmallow. As for the game, I never knew it existed on Lollipop

  3. Google Now on Tap is Marshmallow Exclusive, the game is present on lollipop and its difficult to play compared to Marshmallow’s games though they are practically same.

    Doze actually increase my Hot 2 battery life but I think it’s the culprit behind the power button issues bcos the phone is in deep sleep. It needs to be fixed

  4. Gave my unit to my wife when her hot 1 developed fault, but she’s not been cool with the hot 2 since the update. I’ve had to go and fix the hot 1 for a whooping 9k at CarlCare. Will migrate her stuff today to the hot 1 and post the hot 2 on olx for sale as I can’t go back to it as much as I miss android. Will wait till I can afford a device that’ll be an upgrade before getting android again. Maybe a Zero 3 next. Marshmallow is overrated imo.

  5. Using the One M8 on marshmallow. I think you missed the Do Not Disturb button and the additional options available via Settings>Apps where you can edit Notifications, Change Open actions and check the battery and data usage info

  6. Hi, I have a problem on my Infinix HOT 2. I installed Snapchat and the camera turns black when I try to record a video. And the filters don’t work too. How can I fix that?

  7. I studied the features on a brand new infinix hot 2 a few days and noticed some problems. After I updated my own android device (infinix hot 2) I started to encounter the same problems, for example when I make or receive calls I cannot hear the caller clearly anymore, I tried to check volume control but there is no feature for that problem. also when I connect my phone to my computer I cannot access both the phone storage and the SD card. Please i need a solution

  8. after updating my hot 2 to Android 6, my sound are no longer sounding as they should, the speaker no longer produces any bass. Is there any fix for this cause I love my sounds and cause of that each time I hear the annoying quality the phone produces I feel like throwing it against the wall. plsss help ooo! I don’t know how long I can take this

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