Memorable URL to Etisalat WAP Portal

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etisalatThe Etisalat Nigeria WAP portal has one of the most user-unfriendly addresses I think I have ever come across. Here it is:

How in the mobile universe is anyone supposed to remember that, muchless type that out on a mobile phone keypad. I would be hard pressed to type that out even on the super mini-computer, the Nokia E90!!

I came up with a solution to the problem by creating a short redirect that is much more memorable: Try that out and it will redirect you to the Etisalat Nigeria WAP portal.

If you have an Etisalat SIM, remember that browsing around the portal is absolutely free. You start being charged (currently 35 kobo per kb) once you browse outside of the portal’s walls.

Hope the short URL helps.

Memorable URL to Etisalat WAP Portal 1

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Memorable URL to Etisalat WAP Portal 1
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  1. The problem with redirecting the friendly URL is that the real url itself is not bound to be valid for much longer with hard-coded ip addresses and so on. As far as I understand it, Etisalat are yet to officially (re-)launch their portal but should be doing so within the next few months or so.

    Let’s hope they come out with something a lot easier to remember. Here’s hoping.


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