Microsoft adds another mobile platform – Windows Embedded Handheld, announces first device Motorola ES400

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Windowsphone 7. Windows Mobile 6.5. Kin. Now, add Windows Embedded Compact and Windows Embedded Handheld – and what do you have?

Don’t ask me, but here is what Microsoft says:

There are two distinct product groups focused on mobility at Microsoft: one for the enterprise handheld devices industry (WEB), and one committed to the mobile phone needs of customers for all types of end users (MCB).

Here’s the official chart:

wm mobile strategy

According to WMExperts, Steve Ballmer had this to say, “In the next six months we will release a new embedded OS called Windows Embedded Handheld, based on Windows Mobile 6.5 technologies … [and] in the second half of 2011, we will release a version of Windows Embedded Handheld based on Windows Phone 7 technology”

So, we know that WM is a Mobile OS for enterprise devices that is based on Windows Mobile 6.5. Okay. So far, so good.

Now, Motorola already has a device on the way for this platform, the ES400 pictured below.

06 17EmbeddedMoto sm

Don’t ask me questions yet, as I am still quite trying to figure out everything about Microsoft’s mobile strategy. In the meantime, perhaps the guys at GSMArena and WMExperts can help you make sense of it. Oh, and here is Microsoft’s own official announcement of their plans for Enterprise Handheld Devices.


  1. Microsoft really tried but we refuse to be confused.

    Now they have like over 5 variants……..

    The only one am MOST interested in is Windows Phone 7 Series, looking up for the expected phones from HTC and LG.

  2. too many cooks spoil the broth. the more cooks, the worse the potage.

    choice its good…

    but too much choice…



    if someone asked me what mobile OS to use in determining a smartphone to buy, I would vacillate and equivocate…

  3. This is why microsoft shall continue to confuse us and do badly with mobile phone sales, just like they messed up the windows mobile product line.

    They copy all the bad aspect of APPLE and refuse to see Apple’s good side and catch up with the trend. Like they copied the lack of multi-tasking from Apple in their windows phone 7 and now are refusing to unify their mobile phone OS to one perfect UI and Operating software without fragmenting the perhaps impeccable Windows 7 platform.

    I see nothing but woe from this development!

  4. Lately, rumours are on that Google wants to discourage Manufacturers’ from installing their own proprietary User interface overlay on their Android phones. The reason is that the Android OS in phones are too fragmented. Out there in the wild, there are more than 5 different versions of Android ranging from 1.0 to 2.0. Users are unable to upgrade their Android phone whenever Google releases an Android update until their device makers release their updated UI for the specific phones. Examples of this trend is present in Samsung’s TouchWhiz, Motorola Blur and HTC Sense UI overlay over their respective Android phones.

    Why I brought this up is that Microsoft should not deliberately fragment their mobile OS. There are enough problems already in their PC OS as found in windows vista and windows 7. Here you have like 6 versions of their windows 7 versions (namely; Starter, Home Basic, Home premium, Business, ultimate, Enterprise). The greatest mistake Microsoft has done before which they now want to repeat now is to assume that the mobile OS is similar to PC OS. Because they indeed are diametrically opposite.

    What beats me is why Microsoft isn’t putting all the windows Embedded Compact and Windows Embedded Handheld Ui/OS or features into one platform or phone. They should put everything into one platform and then allow the user to decide which to use! The enterprise user would use the business features, while the novice or beginner would use his/her eye-candy features. Whatever, I strongly believe Microsoft is erring.

    Their intention is only to rip-off their handset manufacturers/collaborators and users by selling different windows phone sub-types with varying degree of prices and hoarding the much needed features. They will also sell a very expensive enterprise model. Too much greed Microsoft, Will kill your windows 7 phone even before it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Confusion galore.

    Simple minded people like me get easily confused with all these microsoft talk. We want to see what they can offer and how it comes out.

    Less of talk and more of actions from microsoft please.

  6. most probably microsoft wants to experience the mother of all flops in terms of product performance since it cannot make a clear cut dinstinction between its mobile OS and PC OS.They will soon be dooomed out of the mobile worl

  7. I believe Microsoft will have a rethink about multitasking now that Apple has released its own special way of multitasking.

  8. @Afewgoodmen

    ‘Lately, rumours are on that Google wants to discourage Manufacturers’ from installing their own proprietary User interface overlay on their Android phones’.

    I slightly support Google unless the manufacture make their updates faster.

    Imagine one having to wait to enjoy all the promising features outlined in the Google I/O about Froyo.

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