Microsoft announces MS-DOS OS for mobiles

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Microsoft has just brought back the good old MS-DOS to mobiles – Lumia devices to be precise. MS-DOS OS runs just like the command prompt we have on your computers, starting from C:  we can run installed applications and perform most of the  functions on our phones.

Computer nerds would really appreciate this especially the ones used to the command prompt interface. Here you have no user interface, plenty colors or graphics, just type in a command and you get a response. This adds to the list of cool stuff we can do on a Lumia phone. Here’s a video that illustrates more on the MS-DOS OS.

To get this on your Lumia phone, click HERE to download it.




  1. lol, this is a cool one. not particularly useful (for most people) in the general scheme of things but cool none the less

  2. Guys this is not an April Fools Joke o. It’s for real, check out the video

  3. I don’t think so. Though it’s called an OS, it’s actually an app that pretends to be an OS.

  4. why would anyone in his right mind wasn’t to go this route?

    Back to the Jurassic Age?

  5. Guys, calm down. It was an April Fool’s joke, just like and Google Maps Pac-Man. (It being a joke doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, which it does.) Do you seriously think they’d waste their time building another OS (a backdated one, for that matter) when they have to focus on reclaiming their past glory with Win10?

  6. I wouldn’t agree.

    People who will play around with MS-DOS are the kind of people who would also do the same with Ubuntu. And some of us have enough experience using MS-DOS on our computers would be quite happy to play around with this.

    So it isn’t exactly “running out of ideas” but a very different one.

  7. it was an april fools joke guys, even Samsung showed a processor that cud b attached to a mobile phone to boost speed. they wr all april fools joke. this isnt for real guys, you fell for it.

  8. Please tell me you didn’t wake up minutes to 5am and switch your phone on and come to this article just to type “*yawn*”!

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