Microsoft announce Nokia 130 : The cheapest phone cum media player

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The Nokia 103 is a feature phone equipped with a diminutive 1.8-inch LCD display with a resolution of 160 x 128 pixels. It has memory card support of 32GB max. The Nokia 130 doesn’t have a camera, but has a flashlight behind it that serves as a torch. As usual on feature phones like this, it runs Nokia OS Series 30. The capacity of the battery is 1020mAh, meaning the battery life could be awesome.


Another notable feature of the Nokia 130 is that it supports music and videos. The phone as advertised, can give you 16 hours straight of video playback, while your music can be played for 46 hours. It supports Bluetooth 3.0, and has a standard micro USB port.

The device will be coming in red, white and black colors and as usual with these kind of phones, a single, and dual-SIM option will be made available . The Nokia 130 is set to be launched worldwide by September, and the price set at about $25 ( that is N4100) might vary with regions, but without doubt, the phone will be the cheapest with media capabilities.

Source: GsmArena



  1. Watching a video on a 1.8 in her should be interesting….. Would give me an amazing opportunity to test how resistant the device is to hugging the floor forcefully.
    nevertheless, not a totally insane idea to have a memory card inserted and play back music when the “smartphones” are smack out of juice.

  2. ….Sounds Like The Kind Of Replaceable Disposable Phone You Would Give To Your Lower_Teen_Ager…

    Good Work..

    But Then, Soon, We May Not Need Phones Like This Anymore. Smartphones Would Eventually Be Selling For So Low Dumbphones Would Not Be Needed Anymore….

    The Chinese Have Made That Dream Realizable. Soon..

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