Microsoft contracts more OEMs to pre-install Office apps

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For Microsoft, pushing to penetrate the mobile ecosystem has been one of their major priorities. Since the turn of last year, the company has taken huge steps to make forays towards becoming dominant in the mobile space.Microsoft-Apps-1

We’ve seen them build Android apps(that even work better than their Windows Phone counterparts). They’ve also gone further by contracting various OEM’s to pre-install Microsoft apps on their devices. As part of this movement, Microsoft have contracted even more manufacturers to be a part of the deal. This time, the likes of Acer, ASUS, LG, Samsung and Sony have all signed up.

The numbers have now jumped from 31 last year, to 74 currently. Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President, Original Equipment Manufacturer Division, Microsoft had the following to say:

We are thrilled that hardware partners are bringing new value to customers by installing Microsoft apps and services on their Android devices. We look forward to further expanding these partnerships to help bring Microsoft services vision to life.



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