Microsoft temporarily suspends Windows Insider Program in preparation for official Windows 10

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As we get closer to the launch date of Windows 10 , which is but a few weeks away, Microsoft is getting things ready for a hitch free process. Just recently, they temporarily suspended the Windows Insider program to allow them fully focus on the task at hand.


From henceforth, Windows Insider users will no longer get links to the latest ISO files (they have been removed). Also, they will no longer be offered over Windows Update, and whatever build you’re on will show as “up to date” if you check for new builds.

We’re suspending the availability of Windows 10 builds briefly while we prepare for that, and the next build that we flight to you will be delivered using the production channels. Starting tomorrow, we will also not be delivering any additional ISOs at this point as we really need Insiders to be using, stressing, and validating our distribution and upgrade processes. We’ll make ISOs available again in the future, but for now we ask you to upgrade your current build via Windows Update once the next build is released.

They still went ahead to reassure users that they will be notified if a new build is released.


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