Mister Mo Encounters The "Nokia Gowin G30" China Phone

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Gowin G30 Nokia logo and buttons

I run into all sorts of phones all the time. This one was striking because it had a unique design – a large touchscreen below which was an array of hardware keys different from the usual. It is a phone that you see and immediately get curious. There is a NOKIA logo just below the touchscreen, but I immediately swore by my great grandfather’s beard that this was not a Nokia. I can tell an authentic Nokia with my eyes closed. This was make believe.

I took some pictures, though they aren’t as good as they could have been. I didn’t have my Lumia with me that night when I saw the phone, so please bear with The BlackBerry Z30’s efforts at night-time shots. Also, I forgot to take a picture of the homescreen, which looks and works like an older version of HTC’s custom home for their Android phones. However, I found a picture from South Africa’s JunkMail website. Here it is:

Gowin G30

As said before, the display is touch screen and that homescreen actually works like the real deal from HTC. Beyond that, the rest of the UI is a crude piece of work akin to what you find on any feature phone. The G3 does not run Android. It is a basic dumbphone.

One of the first questions that I asked was, “Does it have TV?” and sure enough, I was told that it does. An antenna popped up and in a few moments, I was watching ONTV on the G30:

Gowin G30

So, there you have it: a Chinese dumbphone with Nokia’s logo, HTC’s Sense homescreen, and an odd keyboard layout. Below is a full picture of the Gowin G30.

Gowin G30 full shot

Your thoughts, please?

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