In my review of Airtel broadband modem and 3.75G service weeks ago, I promised a second part based on what I believed to be improvements

Mister Mobility’s review of Airtel broadband modem and 3.75G service – Part Two

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Airtel Broadband

In my review of Airtel broadband modem and 3.75G service weeks ago, I promised a second part based on what I believed to be improvements in Airtel’s 3.75G coverage.

Well, I was wrong, and there was no improvement. It was just a temporary fluctuation. 3.75G service here remains patchy and unusable for the most part. As such, I have had to peg the modem at “WCDMA Preferred”, which means it would seek out a 3G signal first, and default to EDGE where that is not available.

As such, I mostly get an internet connection on EDGE at my location. That screenshot above? That’s what my connection is like on the average at my end. Airtel 3.75G is practically non-existent here. That’s the wrap up, guys.

In the meantime, you can share your experiences with Airtel’s Broadband internet at your location with everyone using the comments box below.

  1. It is a norm that internet services are purely based on network quality around the area which you use them. I have used airtel extensively since launch and i can say its been very ok (By my judgement anyway, and Location is Victoria Island). Though i didn’t purchase the modem, i use my phone as a modem. The 3.75G connection is pretty stable and speeds too aren’t bad. And most suprisingly was when i travelled to Sokoto and against all odds, Airtel saved the day where others let me down. Overall my experience has been good so far.

  2. In my area @ Calabar, Airtel 3G is pretty fast & stable. Got no problems with it. The only let down so far is that their data cap of just 1GB/N1400 for Blackberry subscription is very low compared to other networks.

  3. Airtel network is excellent in many parts of Katsina, Gusau, and Jos. It’s 3G in most parts of these cities I have been to. Practically better than it’s rivals.

  4. Presently in Port Harcourt, Airtel 3.5G is quite fast and stable.. surprisingly better than Glo and MTN.
    Even in areas where i find Edge, i still make downloads at reasonable speeds.
    I don’t use their modem, I use it either on a nokia 5800 where i get 3.5G most times and on Samsung Galaxy Note where I get HSPA (H+) most times too

  5. Mr. Mo, please I am not trying to show off, but what is on the screenshot is 1.23kbps for upload and 21.51kbps for download. Would the kbps on the measured values mean kilobits per second or kilobytes per second. I’m asking because, even the Tecno feature phone I use occasionally to browse can reach up to 5.2kBps which will translate to about 41kbps when using either Glo, Etisalat or MTN and still the phone doesn’t have EDGE technology. I’m only able to see this value when using the Russian mod of Opera Mini and when downloading files. The download manager is so advanced and even better than that UCBrowser.

    If the measured values are actually in kilobits per second, it simply means that Airtel internet service is unusable in your area just like my area Okota.

  6. For Airtel came to save my always getting 3g+ on my universal modem.although sometimes the signal falls to 2g making it unusable.overall airtel rocks youtube plays well.And with 4.5gbyte for under 3k ,I ain’t going anywhere

  7. Airtel rocked while I was in Kwale Delta state but sucks big time here in Nyanya Abuja but splendid in Area 1 Abuja. It all depends on the area you most probably because network provisioning is not done with equal attention in all areas. I wonder what happened to roll out of 3G services everywhere program bt Airtel!.

  8. airtel sucks in my area
    especially their 3.75g nonsense.. It has always being one fade bar or no bar even their edge is nothing to write about.. I stay around jericho down to ile tuntun side in ibadan

  9. Eyaaa

    For me, it’s being internet on the very fast lane with airtel.

    I get steady 3G signals on my BlackBerry and when I slot in my sim into my zte Mf60 mifi, I get HSPA+ speeds. #Benin

  10. My airtel works well for me, weda it on 2G or Edge, it perfect and even more perfect wen d weda is very bad, so my airtel rocks for me.

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