Mister Mo's First Impressions of the Gionee ELife E6

Posted by Mister Mobility

Sigh. The E6 is everything I thought it would be. Or at least, those are my first impressions of the device. I had the chance to play with a black unit for a few minutes this weekend. The black slab felt solid and re-assuring in the hand. The display is gorgeous. But what really blew me went beyond the hardware. The custom Amigo UI layer is sweet! Sweet! Candy sweet. Best Android UI I have ever seen – and I have seen plenty.

Navigating through the user interface evoked some really nice feelings. Long-time readers here know how much I am not a fan of the Android UI, but this has got me drooling. I love it when vanilla Android is completely hidden. Remember how I loved the HTC One? Oh, yes. The E6’s Amigo UI is what the doctor ordered. It is sweet and feels very light. I still need to muse over how I feel to find the right words to describe it.

I am going to see if I can borrow or steal an E6 for a full review. May the force be with me.


  1. I was really enthusiastic about this phone……………………until I discovered you couldn’t use widgets and it didn’t have an app drawer like other android devices. Gionee felt “too inspired” by the iPhone on this one but I await your review nonetheless

  2. Sir, i’m really glad u finally decided t giv Gionee a test drive. I personally find dem more fascinating dan Tecno phones. Although i wld’ve prefered u started with the Elife E3, but i still cant wait for ur review on this one.

  3. Gionee seems to be further along the road than Tecno. They’ve spent more time working on their UI hence the Amigo UI looks really nice, but it’s too close to Meazu’s FlyMe. Also being a single sim phone is a disadvantage. What’s Gionee’s history with OTA updates? Eagerly awaiting a full review

  4. I personally own one and I can say without a doubt that its worth your money…. The UI though there have been many complaints is simple and elegant. I tried changing it with many launchers but I always came back to using the amigo ui. I’ve actually rooted my phone so I have a lot more to play with but overall a great phone….. Mediate processor is fast… Would’ve wished it was more source open friendly for rooted devices like mine… No ROMs for me-(

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