Why mobile apps may kill Google

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That headline may sound alarmist to you. Maybe it is. But Google’s revenue growth continues to slow down, and mobile apps are partly responsible. As you may know, Google’s main revenue is from search. Here is what a Business Insider correspondent had to say about Google’s very rough transition:

Google’s core business, search advertising, is looking shakier than it has in years. The problem is the rise of mobile. Search advertising is the best way to make money on the web. But people aren’t using the web as much on their mobile phones as they did on their desktops.

That is true. As the world switches to mobile, apps become the default means of getting things done and display and search ads are just not as effective on mobile as on PC. On PC, everyone launches the web browser by default. On mobile, we launch apps and loathe ads even more than we loathe them on PC.

Of course, there are other factors besides mobile that are impacting Google’s revenue, but Google’s success in mobile (Android OS) may very well be one of the things that will eventually kill it off – unless the company finds a way to turn things around. Slowing growth is usually an early warning sign. For now, the search giant is not even close to dying. It is alive and well.


  1. Naa. Google ain’t dying any time soon .

    Google is in too many pies…like manufacturing, yes, actual manufacturing of self driving cars.

    Search may be where Google started from, but they are sure as heck far beyond that.

  2. Sir, the real question is where their profits come from. Over 90% of their revenue comes from search, and if search is going shaky then the company’s revenue and health will be affected. Self driving cars don’t make them money

  3. True talk, Barrister Saiddigge.

    But then, I maintain Google is in too many industry shaking ventures to worry about its future.

    Forget about the short term reduced income stream.

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