The Mobile C50 flash drive has 3 different connectors!

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USB sticks are not typically on the news a lot. However, some of them, like Silicon Power’s new USB device, are quite remarkable. Silicon Power set out to solve the problem of moving data between multiple devices that rely on varying physical connections while keeping the overall form factor compact. The result is the company’s Mobile C50 flash drive. When you take a good look at the flash drive, you would understand why.

What makes the device so smart is that it has three connectors. The standard rectangular Type-A connector with only one side up resides at one end, which actually lifts up to reveal a second Micro-B connector for older phones and tablets. The third connector is on the other end of the Mobile C50: a narrow Type-C connector for modern devices.Mobile C50

Adding to that, the Type-C connector is stored under a strong elastic black cap, which matches the rest of the flash drive’s outer shell. This cap also includes a hole so you can hook up the Mobile C50 alongside car keys, dangling on a necklace, and so on.

According to Silicon Power’s website, the Mobile C50 comes with two free tools: an SP Widget for computers and an SP File Explore for devices with Type-C ports and Android. Silicon Power also offers Recuva File recovery for retrieving deleted files, which can be downloaded from the company website along with SP Widget.

“Never lost for the right connection, it’s easier than ever to share data between new-generation USB Type-C devices, any “traditional” USB PC or laptop, and Micro-B smartphones or tablets. The compact dive is also a reliable companion,” the company website is quoted as saying.Mobile c50 flsh

Furthermore, the Mobile C50 is built to withstand water, dust and vibrations while operating between zero and -70 degrees Celsius. It also has an ergonomic grip for easy handling, and comes with a five-year warranty.


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