Mobile Device Shipments surpasses 2.4 billion as Tablets close in on PCs

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Ever since the emergence of mobile devices into the technology industry, there has been tremendous growth and no signs of declining as 2.43 billion units will be shipped to retailers this year compared to 2013’s 2.34 billion units. These are the latest numbers of shipments coming from Gartner as they break them down by PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

Many will think that with the way tablets are being used, they would have surpassed traditional PCs (laptops inclusive) in terms of sales . But that does not seem to be the case as the PC market still accounts for 308 million devices which will be shipped this year with tablets closing in at 256 million. The analysts at Gartner predict that this will change in 2015.

However, mobile phones will account for the largest number of shipments this year by reaching a total of 1.86 billion units. And that number is also expected to increase by 2015.

Device Type 2013 2014 2015
Traditonal PCs (Desk-Based and Notebook) 296,131 276,221 261,657
Ultramobiles, Premium 21,517 32,251 55,032
PC Market Total 317,648 308,472 316,689
Tablets 206,807 256,308 320,964
Mobile Phones 1,806,964 1,862,766 1,946,456
Other Ultramobiles (Hybrid and Clamshell) 2,981 5,381 7,645
Total 2,334,400 2,432,927 2,591,753

On the other hand the OS break down by Gartner shows that the Android OS powered devices accounts for 1.168 billion out of the total 2.4 billion. Following the lead is Windows OS and then iOS/Mac OS as we see in the table below.

Operating System 2013 2014 2015
Android 898,944 1,168,282 1,370,893
Windows 326,060 333,419 373,694
iOS/Mac OS 236,200 271,115 301,349
Others 873,195 660,112 545,817
Total 2,334,400 2,432,927 2,591,753


Source: Gartner


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  1. yippee!! go droid… n other non-pcs… see droid increased by hundreds of thousands while all mighty make mouth windows by jes abt 40,000 n ios like 30k, poof

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