Mobile operators in Cameroon shut down internet

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About a week ago, reports began to spread from subscribers in the Anglophone (North West and South West) regions of Cameroon that they had been cut off from the internet. Teachers in these regions are on strike to protest what they say is the dominance of French-language use in the country.

Cameroon is a bi-lingual country, split into English-speaking (anglophone) and French-speaking (francophone) areas. Reports coming in from the country is that the disconnection was effected on the orders of the government.

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While some mobile operators seemed uncomfortable about the order to shutdown internet access to subscribers in the specified regions and so did not enforce it, the government was able to bypass them and effect the cut-off by using the government-owned Camtel Telecommunications company which operates the fibre optic backbone that provides internet to the country.

The telecom operators that provide service in the affected regions are MTN, Orange, Nexttel and Camtel. Cameroon’s government has been relentless in muzzling the voice of citizens by implementing repressive laws and policies for telecoms, as well as by cutting off internet.

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