Mobile phone jammers are now illegal in Nigeria

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According to a news report by CyberSchuulNews, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said in a public announcement last weekend that it is a criminal offence to sell, install or use any equipment which may hinder network operability. It has therefore banned the sale and usage of jamming devices.

It warned that the consequences of non compliance may include seizure, detention, investigation and prosecution of any persons or organisations involved in the contravention. The implication is that individuals and organizations that already have frequency jammers installed on their premises have to remove them to avoid falling foul of the law.

A mobile phone jammer is a device used to prevent cellular phones from receiving signals from base stations by transmitting white noise. That is exactly why they are illegal. They are actually radio transmitters, meaning that their users are transmitting without licences – broadcasting white noise on frequencies that have been licensed to operators in order to prevent mobile phone reception. Jammers are usually deployed in places where disruptions from telephone calls are unwanted e.g. conference halls, religious centres, etc.

Use of mobile phone jammers is illegal in some other countries too around the world.


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