Ever so often, I come across comments that outrightly paint devices running a mobile platform or OS as “rubbish” or “crap”. By way of example,

Mobile Platforms And Devices, And Lifestyle Needs

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Ever so often, I come across comments that outrightly paint devices running a mobile platform or OS as “rubbish” or “crap”.

By way of example, a recent commenter simply referred to BlackBerry as “crap”.

Personally, from what I know of the diversity of human needs and wants, I think that such a comment speaks more of that person’s ignorance than of the qualities of the BlackBerry platform.

It is not only BlackBerry that has been subject to this sort of verbal dismissal. Fanboys of various platforms are often found dismissing competing platforms as rubbish.

In my opinion, such people are simply full of cow dung. They have no idea what they are talking about.

If an individual says, for example, “I will not buy an iPhone because I cannot live with the limitations of iOS and the phone itself,” that makes sense. A valid reason for his personal choice has been presented.

But should such a one say something like, “The iPhone is just a useless piece of junk,” then I would have to respond that the individual in question is stuffed full of chicken feathers.

In all probability, the person who says that BlackBerry devices are useless lives in a different social (perhaps even business) sphere from those others who want and prefer a BlackBerry device. As such, it does not meet his needs. But he is misguided in thinking that those devices do not meet anyone else’s needs.

The individual whose preference is Android certainly has his reasons for choosing that. They are his reasons, and that should be respected.

The New Lack Of Tolerance
I dislike the depths of intolerance that I see on display at times. If we are this intolerant over such a flimsy subject as choice of mobile devices, it’s no wonder that there is no peace in most parts of the world.

We must also learn to acknowledge the pros and cons of whatever devices or platforms we have adopted. No platform or device is perfect for everyone. Some are better suited to certain people, while others are better suited to another demography.

Someone criticising Symbian for being too late in evolving it’s UI to modern trends is not necessarily a Symbian hater. He is simply stating a fact. Yet, UI is not all there is to a phone, so some people will still prefer Symbian because of its strengths over others.

Another person criticising iOS for being too locked down is not necessarily a hater either. It’s not worth crossing swords over. He has made a statement of fact, and in all probability cannot live with that. That’s okay too.

A few days ago, an individual spent enormous amounts of energy trying to convince me that iOS meets my needs if I were to adopt certain workarounds (all of which introduce other issues, of course). Well, those workarounds don’t float my boat.

That doesn’t make me an iPhone hater, but then this individual’s persistence grated on my nerves. He almost sounded like a used car salesman.

It is amazing that we exult and revel in our supposed enlightenment in the modern, civilised world, yet can be so narrow-minded as to think that we know what’s best for others. Actually, it is disgusting.

It’s the same thing when someone says that he cannot see any reason why anyone wants to purchase a mobile with a physical QWERTY keyboard. Well, he may not see it. As human beings, we don’t always see everything. But if QWERTY works for some people, it’s none of your business. Or mine.

By way of throwing more light on this, with automatic transmission firmly in the mainstream of motor vehicle technology now, why would anyone want to buy and drive a manual transmission car? You have no idea? Splendid! Don’t worry about it; the buyer knows why he wants one.

Live And Let Live
If for example you love Android, do enjoy it. Praise it to high heavens for its sterling qualities, but please do not act and talk like it is the alpha and omega of mobility and has no flaws. Same goes for every other platform – iOS, Symbian, BadaOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

People who buy and use devices from other platforms apart from your choice are not stupid. For all you know, the person dissing everything else but his favourite may be the smallest mind in the room.

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  1. Very down_to earth article. I agree 100% with the sentiments expressed in this post.

    But then, human nature is human nature. We tend to defend ‘ours’. A man that even thinks he is objective is actually subjective in his claim to objectivity!

    Humans resist changes, resent û even if subliminally – criticisms of anything that is theirs.

    There is this popular statement. ‘A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still’.

    Humans also have different styles in presenting views. Some are forceful û some subtle. Some are persuasive, some are abrasive. Others attempt to intimidate. A matter of style.

    I can be vociferous, forceful and stubborn when I present views on something about which I am passionate and knowledgeable.

    There are commenter on this blog that I have never seen contradictory or get into arguments with others û on anything.

    For me, intelligent and crafty debating and argumentation gives me an adrernaline rush.

    People also sometimes argue just for cerebral gymnastix. It keeps the brain nimble and supple. I can choose white, and attempt to prove that you that it is black! It tasks me mentally, and keeps my brain on tiptop condition!

    All-in-all, we all (hopefully) learn something useful, hone our reasoning and argumentative skills and moderate our tempestuousness.

    Let each person choose a platform with which (s)he is comfortable. It is no skin off any other person’s nose!

  2. Very well said really, only all of us have some element of what Mr. Mobility discussed here. Truly all of us do.

    I know of an industry, a brewery industry to be precise that introduced computer in the mid 90s and some software packages that its employees have to learn and adapt to using on regular bases and that includes all their managers. It turned out that those who could not adapt easily are the most matured in the job in terms of length of years spent on the job and where eventually outplaced.

    So when some people say things like Symbian is the most matured OS today, I think they should add something like as long as I am concerned because maturity in the mobile space today has proved to be an ongoing thing.

    Nokia/Symbian certainly meets so many people’s needs today but what rubbed Nokia its market share is that same sublime conceit of believing Symbian to be at the pinnacle of mobile computing

    Symbian is still a good mobile OS but is not the most matured or even matured.

  3. There is what is known as industry experts or leading industry voices. Just because we are given a shared platform to talk doesn’t mean we are can be better. Yomi is an expert of the Mobile industry. few can beat that. Can we some times disagree with him – yes! Yet he doesn’t have to agree with us on every matter.

    I have predicted to 80% accuracy of boko haram terror attacks and their ideology via my twitter platform.if someone says i am sentimental or parochial on security issues,i did say cowdung, as yomi said

  4. This is a well written and thought out article that could be summised conclusively as live and let live.

    Yes, your mobile platform may be the best in your eyes, but in reality you may just actually be re-enacting Christ’s famous teaching which is to “remove the log in your own Eyes before talking about the spec in your brother’s eyes”.

    Every mobile platform have a shortcoming. In reality, there is nothing perfect in nature. Every year or month, Apple and Google try to add more features to their mobile platform. Microsoft does same. While Nokia just adds “improvements” to it’s USER INTERFACE as in Anna and Belle. Most features in a phone have already been included in Symbian. Symbian’s only problem was just the UI and the intuitiveness in which you use the features. And that’s why Elop had to self crucify his own child. SMH. Sad. Symbian could have gone places. Could have.

    Finally, it’s always good to let people know of the short comings of their phone and at the same time, appreciate their individuality in making their informed or contrived Choice. I once saw a doctor who bought a Blackberry curve and was so intrigued by it. He felt it was the best and most sophisticated device known to man. I didn’t argue with him . I just helped him to appreciate RIM and it’s locked down ecosystem. I also explained that the BB ecosystem couldn’t be enjoyed holistically without BIS. He understood this, but loved BB notwithstanding. however, when he saw that iOS and Android both had push notifications, with abundance of apps and games; he wondered what was the big deal about the Blackberry craze if other platform could do all that? For now, he want s to get an Android HTC device to “Experience” the “other side”

    However, as EyeBeeKay pointed out, Mr Mobility; Some of us may just decide to play Devils Advocate when we know quite alright where the pendulum would sway. As an intellectual exercise. Just Saying. That’s the way of the world. The Tech World!

  5. @JujuKemist, I always love your witty comments. You tend to show another side of affairs rather vividly. Yes, I follow your Boko Haram rants on Twitter. 🙂

    Yes, Life is to be enjoyed. So why support a platform so vociferously. Or why restrict oneself to one platform, when we have 2-4 contending mobile OS Platforms to choose from. I think me would love to continue to experience the best of both worlds. Choose a platform at that point in time when it means my needs. And move ahead to another, when there’s something unique in another. Call any platform at will and lean back and enjoy them doing my will!

  6. ”Yes, Life is to be enjoyed. So why support a platform so vociferously. Or why restrict oneself to one platform, when we have 2-4 contending mobileOS Platforms to choose from. I think me would love to continue to experience the best of both worlds. Choose a platform at that point in time when it means my needs. And move ahead to another, when there’s something unique in another”.

    Spot on! Why must i stay with a platform? I easily get bored so i’m gonna keep changing with time!

  7. Well all platform has their own pros & cons…
    Blackberry is really nice but only customised for business/get connected purpose with weak hardware/software…
    Andriod was designed based on customization/entertainment purpose but so cheap Os for manufacturers to produce leading to serious competition…
    Ios was designed only for entertainment purpose only,no customization and also lot of restrictions…
    Windows was designed for easy use/getting intouched with friend offering some like BBs but Windows is also a restricted platform…
    Symbian would have been successful only if it Manufacturer supported it but Nokia wanna kill the platform intentionally!

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