Here in Nigeria, the smartphone seems to be gaining some popularity. A significant number of people who were using non-smartphones are migrating more and more


Mobile Web Battles Mobile Applications

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Here in Nigeria, the smartphone seems to be gaining some popularity. A significant number of people who were using non-smartphones are migrating more and more to smartphones.


Of course, web services are some of the most prevalent uses that smartphones are put to. The question is, do you access your web services more via your mobile browser or more via applications installed on your device?

For example, MobilityNigeria has a mobile application downloadable for Symbian devices. Do you use it by default or do you access the site via your mobile browser? How about Twitter, Facebook and other web services?


There are some applications that package access to a number of services. Take Snaptu, as an example. It bundles Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds of your favourite sites. Do you take advantage of that convenience or do you prefer to use your mobile browser (which by the way gives you access to all the above too)?

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I use a Blackberry Bold 9700. My job and recreation take me to the following websites on the internet: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, Tedtalks, Nairaland, Blogspot, and MobilityNigeria. I have UbberTwitter, which is a Twitter application, Facebook, Yahoomail and Gmail set-up on my Blackberry. All these make it easier and more friendly for me to use these services. Why would I go through the pain of typing www… in my Native browser or Opera mini? Although the mobile browser is not completely useless, I am only more comfortable with the applications, they have richer UI and features.

What about you? Do you use the mobile web more than mobile applications?

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  2. As a notable miser, I am always looking for ways to minimise my cost. I hate waste. With a passion.

    for this reason, I will ALWAYS make ise of the web alternative- where available and practicable- rather than an ondevice application Equivalent.

    The advantage, I make use of the compression advantage offered by my server assisted mobile browser- second’ cost.

    Cluttering your device with too many apps is unwise.

    With my Nokia 5800 if you instal too many apps, you will start having memory errors. I instal only applications without web equivalents.
    I have never used the Mobilitynigeria app- or similar apps with web equivalent.

    AS regards typing web addresses, I keep a well organised / categorised bookmark on my phone. I hardly ever type web addresses.

    I am a loyalist of uc web browser. it works for me – most of the time.

    And it keeps getting better and betterwith rapid-fire releases upon releases.

    there are of course instances where the device app is non negotiable.In those instances, I grudgingly sideline the web app.

    I use my mobile device more. Out oya always with me.

  3. Indeed; mobile applications are winning us over; it is one of the biggest reasons why we buy smartphones in the first place. If it was just down to web browsing, several ‘dumb’ phones are available that allow for this. 🙂

  4. Wap browsing can be really frustrating, man. Though Bolt does a great job on my BB.
    The apps are really giving the experience a real feel.
    I can only use a mobile web when there is no alternative app. Otherwise i go to the desktop browser.

  5. ………it depends on what I intend to do, for quick update on social network I use snaptu, to save data Operamini, need to download ucweb, to view all on a website bolt and to make sure I consume my data before expiry the native browser or individual apps

  6. Mobile Web Through and through, when I first got my 5800 I had an app for everything but right now, its just opera mini as with the speed dials and tabbed browsing, its a lot easier, convenient and cheaper to access everything in one place.

  7. I prefer using operamini and uc browser to the apps..its saves more data and dats a big deal to me..

  8. According to Ebunma, He said (or maybe she, do we have any lady in the house even that loves smartPhones, haba!) For saving data Opera mini, for qiuck update of social media, Smaptu (which is an application)

    Its pretty obvious from the much of the comments that saving data is pertinent to most of them.

    Would you prefer to save data or have an interesting feel and user experience?

    If you were to have Unlimited data plan, would you still prefer the Mobile web over Mobile Applications.

  9. oh! snaptu,how i luv u.I just got a cheap new smart phone preloaded with snaptu.I have d world in my pocket,since i lost my laptop

  10. I kind of prefer apps for games and other stuffs but I always prefare to visit a site rather than use an app, except for rss

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