Mobility Blog App For Android On The Way

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Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming Mobility blog app for Android.

We have a talented Port Harcourt based app developer who we are working with to bring you a user-friendly solution for Android users.

The Mobility blog app for Android will incorporate the following core features:

1. Viewing of latest articles and comments
2. Posting of comments
3. Searching of the Mobility blog archives

We are quite excited about this, as we have a fast-growing community of Android OS smartphone users here on Mobility.

More features may be added and the layout as shown above may change.

We will be following up with a BlackBerry app as soon as possible. Already, our Symbian/MeeGo/Java app has clocked over 6,000 downloads.

Whatever happens, exciting times are ahead here. Brace up!


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  1. Yes can’t wait for the bb app. Mobility is fast becoming a voice to reckon with. Keep it up sir. I hope the bb app uses BIS and nt tcp shaa so as to save us data 😉

  2. The interface looks good. If possible, include settings for font-size adjustment so one can adjust the topic font to capture more on the headings.

  3. Good move. Since android community keeps growing, this is a very logical step.

    Looks like i might even hasten the purchase of my next android just because of this mobility Blog app.

    keep the flag flying guys.

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