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Years ago when we first registered the domain,, the.NG country domain system was in an unstable and unreliable state. That has since changed, and we promptly registered

The plan was to effect a change in our primary domain name, such that Mobility Nigeria reflects our national pride in its domain name as it does in focus and content.

We have finally implemented that change. The official address for Mobility Nigeria is now Of course, the domain, still belongs to us and redirects to the new domain.

Mobility Nigeria

Some of you must have encountered some hiccups when trying to access the site some hours ago. We have tried to make the switch as seamless as possible. If you do still encounter any issues, please notify us by email, SMS or using the comments box below.

For example, there are still login issues to the forums. These should be sorted out latest tomorrow. Do bear with us.

PS: This complete article is being typed and published on the Nokia E7 Communicator while I am chilling at an eatery at the eCentre, Yaba.

Cool and smooth. Meanwhile, its time I go order that ice-cream that I have been craving for…


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  1. Talk about killing two birds with one stone – From a branding perspective, the new domain helps you appeal to a global audience while still allowing you remain essentially Nigerian. Great move.

  2. that is what i’ve been talking about. Good work, Yomi.

    I just buried my father over the weekend. The stress preceding my father’s funeral over the weekend has begun to dissipate. I shall now have more time with you on this site.

    Good thinking and good work. !

  3. Its great to know that our .ng country domain is now ok.

    Impatiently expecting news about E7.

  4. AFewgoodmen,pls do accept my deep heartfelt condolence.its well! YOMI, welldone, my faith in your style of leadership is unAlloyed

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