In recent times, I began to feel that the Mobility Nigeria website needed a fresh look. Not too long ago, the desktop site got that

MobilityNigeria's Mobile Site Gets New Look

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Scr000412In recent times, I began to feel that the Mobility Nigeria website needed a fresh look. Not too long ago, the desktop site got that new look. After that, I never really sat down to work on the mobile site.

Well, I got to doing it yesterday. If you access on mobile, you will have noticed the new look already. You can login if you are a registered user, subscribe to RSS feeds, as well as specific topics’ comments. I am working on re-integrating the list of most recent comments, so if you are missing that, hang on to your hat.

The new layout is cleaner and sleeker. Hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed working on it.


  1. I love this new look.
    What is APN, User name and Password of Airtel Nigeria.
    I would have asked this question in forums but I can’t locate the link.

  2. I noticed the various changes yesterday. There was this time when the font size was absurdly large. lol.

    Right now, there’s no link to the phone store, quick facts, mobilerave, and Contact us.

  3. Might I add thatthis new design is indeed more pleasing.

    One more thing: when i opened this page, there were no comments. After I submitted my first comment, 2 previous comments from other users suddenly appeared. Isnt it better for all comments to be displayed when a page is originally opened, like the previous page design?

  4. Spacy,

    The pages are listed under the Pages tab (besides the recent comments tab) towards the bottom of the homepage. You may not be seeing them because you were on Opera Mini. I’ll probably modify how they are displayed. Not sure about the comments. Will try out Opera Mini here to see if I can create the same issue here.

    Kay123, Airtel APN: Username and password are both ‘internet’

  5. Thanks for all the feedback, guys, especially on the bugs.

    I have worked on those and removed some of the offending code that messed some of the pages and comments funbctionality up.

    1. Search box now shows up once on homepage
    2. our pages e.g. forums, mobilerave, contact, etc now visible on every page

    Everything checks out okay here on the following browsers:

    – Blackberry
    – Symbian
    – IE mobile 7
    – iPhone Safari

    Please check things out on your browser, especially opera Mini which could not handle the removed javascript. Hopefully, that’s sorted out now.

    We value your feedback, which helps us make this a great community. Cheers.

  6. Nice job but there has been inconsistency with the way it is displayed..looks different on operamini 4.2 and 5.1…yet its thesame site..

  7. Spacy,

    Thanks. The different rendering across different browsers is normal. This is because different browsers have different rendering engines and different capabilities. What is important is to ensure that the layout looks good across all browsers.


  8. This new mobile site is not friendly with my blackberry native browser. The fonts are too small with no ability to zoom. Using column view doesn’t help either. This is not the case with other sites and using opera mini on same BB gives better, bigger fonts.

    Is this experience peculiar to my device only or its general to all BB browsers?

    I am writing this using magnifying lenses

  9. @deoladoctor, this is not peculiar to your device. It is the same experience on my 9650. I do not think that the site is the problem, I think that the BB browser does not render the site well. Your option will be zooming.

  10. That’s the problem Dayo. No zoom in or zoom out option in the menu for this site and the cursor does not give the zooming option either. I agree its an issue with the BB browser not the site.

    Using the magnifying lenses as before.

  11. Yomi, can u pls add ‘Go down’ and ‘back to top’ buttons, it kinda tedious scrolling through comments on some posts.

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