The Motorola Moto G arrived MOBILITY today, courtesy of a long-time reader of the blog, who has a couple of units for sale. Yes; there

Sale as Motorola Moto G visits MOBILITY

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The Motorola Moto G arrived MOBILITY today, courtesy of a long-time reader of the blog, who has a couple of units for sale. Yes; there are two units of the Motorola Moto G for sale. Both are 16GB models. But there are great accessories included in the offer. They include:

– USB car & wall charger,
– Carry Case, &
– USB-on-the-go cable

Have a look:
SavedPicture 201431294017

The whole pack costs N50,000. OLX Nigeria You can place your order by sending an email to

There is a third unit, which he intends to use personally, and which he has left with me to review for a period. We have great members of this community. Many thanks to you all who let us have your devices for review – even before using them yourselves. We appreciate the vote of confidence and the honour.

My first impression when I saw the Motorola Moto G’s pack was, “Wow! This is so small!!” I was expecting a bigger pack, but the small size makes sense. The Moto G is selling at a great price, and one of the ways that was made possible was to cut off non-essentials.

Moto G pack

When you open the box, the only items in it are the black slab itself and a micro-USB cable. No charger. No audio headset. Oh; there is also paper documentation at the bottom of the pack. Dazall. It is indeed a lean package. But for the price, one can’t argue. Something always has to give.

Moto G pack open

The phone itself is a very sexy black slab, and I fell in love immediately. It looks good and feels very solid in the hand. It has a 4.5-inch display but feels very small in my hands, which is understandable, considering that I have been carrying 5-inch plus devices around for several months now.

Moto G in hand

Using an adapter, I popped in my nano-SIM and turned it on. It got Glo’s Gloflat settings right immediately and connected to the internet. Diving into the settings, I looked to peg my connection to 3G-only but found that Motorola had left that option out. The Moto G can be pegged to 2G or left on auto. In auto, it just stayed locked on EDGE at my location. This resulted in all attempts to download apps from Play Store failing. Play Store and EDGE have never been good friends. I will be downloading apps as soon as I can get me WiFi access. Yes; an emerging market problem.

I love the Moto G. It looks and feels every bit like I imagined it would be. I will be playing some more with it as soon as I get it connected. As always, if you have any questions about the device, please leave them in the comments section below.

Don’t forget: there are two units for sale. Email to for yours.

SavedPicture 201431294017


  1. Mister Mo, it’s strange that you’re not able to peg your Moto G to the 3G network. The option is available on mine and I have it pegged to 3G.

  2. Once u upgrade to KitKat the option to peg it to 3g only becomes available. The fone is so cool and I love the keypad, not even tempted to download another one from playstore. And the screen is simply a beauty to behold, everyone dat comes across this fone wanna to buy it 😀

  3. the Moto G retails for $199, roughly 32000. selling it for 50000 (> $300) makes it a bad buy, since it’s moved out of it’s RRP range. for that amount of less there are more capable devices like the SONY Xperia C

  4. hmmm… lmao @ 3rd World Techie. You know, i have to say you got it all wrong. $199 is not the same as N32000 in modern day Nigeria (pun intended) and the device sells for more than $199 after tax (+ 8% actually). You also failed to consider the price of shipping each device down here, using a service such as Shippyme or MyUS would cost over $40 per unit. Add the prices of the additional accessories and the truth will dawn on you.

  5. So, I updated the Moto G to Android Kitkat yesterday, but its not 3G Only that is presented as you guys say; its 3G Preferred, meaning it is still auto mode, but will look for 3G first.

    Despite pegging the phone to 3G Preferred, it stays locked on EDGE most of the time. Oh well.

  6. You can try using *#*#4636#*#*. Then tap “Phone Info”. You should be able to select 3G only from there – At least it works on Nexus 4. You could give that a shot.

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