After a sudden shutdown, Mrs. Mo’s TECNO Camon CM took a trip to CarlCare Ikeja and returned in good shape. This is the story of

Mrs. Mo’s Camon CM is back from CarlCare Ikeja: Here is the story

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After a sudden shutdown, Mrs. Mo’s TECNO Camon CM took a trip to CarlCare Ikeja and returned in good shape. This is the story of how it all went down.

Three days ago, Mrs. Mo’s TECNO Camon CM suddenly died on her without warning. It just went off quietly and wouldn’t come back on anymore. She told the story here.

I had a look at it, tried all the reset options – holding down the Volume Up + Power buttons, etc. Zilch. It wouldn’t come on, no matter what I did.

I checked and confirmed that the phone was still under warranty. According to TECNO’s terms and conditions, the phone would be fixed at no cost to her.

That was comforting and it would be a good rest of TECNO’s warranty service.

Canon CM - Tecno warranty

So, I sent the phone off to the nearest CarlCare centre on her behalf, which is the one at Awolowo Way, Ikeja. CarlCare is the name of the service centre for phones by TECNO, Infinix and itel.

The feedback we got from CarlCare Ikeja was that the phone would be ready for pickup in 4 days. Which was a surprise, to be honest. I am used to my phones being away for 3 weeks when sent to a service centre.

But there was bad news too. The bad news we were given was that Mrs. Mo would lose all her files, because the phone had to be flashed. She agreed to it. Not that she had a choice anyway. It was either lose the phone and files, or lose the files and get the phone back.

One is a thousand times a better option than the other.

Back from CarlCare Ikeja

I was surprised yesterday when I got to know that the phone was ready and had been sent back to my wife from Carlcare Ikeja. I didn’t get to see her till after close of business, and indeed, her Camon CM was back and working – and all her files and settings were intact.

Colour me black and blue. She told me she was as surprised as I was. Not only was it fixed fast, she also didn’t lose her photos, videos, and other documents.

tecno camon cm back from CarlCare ikeja

It is nice to know that TECNO has the capacity to solve problems with their phones when they arise. Anyone would prefer that their phone not suddenly die on them, but the next best thing is having the assurance that if something did go wrong, technical support is available on ground to fix it.

I can imagine that if the phone was no longer under warranty, we would have had to pay a fee to get it fixed. Which is fine.

Mrs. Mo is just glad to have her phone back and working fine. She left home with it this morning.

By the way, TECNO offers a 13 months warranty on all brand new smartphones.

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  1. Great to be here Mister Mobility. Awesome job & consistency over here. Glad Mrs. Mo’s phone is back up, I can relate.
    Hovatek provides free online support to device users at the Hovatek Forum. Tecno is one brand we’re very familiar and have been supporting for over 6 years now.
    Such issues are more common than one might think, and often minor. The most common fix is to take out and re-insert the battery then boost. Models with inbuilt batteries require dismantling which is unfortunately beyond people without hardware skills.
    There’s of course a way to boost without taking out the batter (holding down Power button then connecting to charger) but one needs to try persistently and for long.
    I’m certain she might feel the battery wasn’t low when it tripped off. There are actually a number of possible causes (ranging from kernel to hardware) aside a low battery so one might see slight variations in such cases.

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