The night owls who use MTN’s Night data bundle (3GB data cap from 9pm-6am daily) are saying Goodbye and farewell to the data plan right

MTN Nigeria discontinues Night data plan, others

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The night owls who use MTN’s Night data bundle (3GB data cap from 9pm-6am daily) are saying Goodbye and farewell to the data plan right now, as MTN has discontinued this plan and a number of others. Other discontinued data plans include:

– Weekend 3GB
– Daytime 3GB
– Monthly 5GB

MTN Revised data bundles

The New/Retained Bundle Plans

Personally, I stopped using MTN’s data service a long time ago, as I found it erratic and generally unreliable. The Night plan was a disaster on the network’s internet Quality of Service. As I recall, if I was browsing using MTN (I usually used a 24-hour plan), once it was 9pm, the connection would terminate and getting re-connected was harder than passing a Boeing 747 through the eye of a needle. Where a connection was obtained, one could barely do anything with it.

Apparently, MTN has wizened up. Shall we expect better speeds and greater reliability from the Y’hello boys’ mobile internet service from now on? Hopefully.

Data is the next big thing, and MTN needs to get that right. Perhaps, I may find myself dusting my MTN SIM for some mobile internet action again one of these days. Just maybe.


  1. Surely they can’t be serious about that new 3GB/7k plan…for jus 500 more, Glo’s Always Max is worth 6GB. Given a choice between crappy service and crappy service that is a rip-off, I’ll choose crappy service, thank you

  2. The guys at MTN have obviously lost it. So I should now spend 14k to buy 6GB every month? Now that’s crazy. If I add 500 or 1000, I would get 6GB frm glo or etisalat respectively.

    At the rate, MTN would soon go the way of Nokia. Rubbish!!!

  3. The 3GB night plan was the best for me because it offered the best data cap at N2500, enabling me to do more on a budget.
    Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think any GSM network in Nigeria offers something similar.

  4. This is just STOOPID!!! replacing a 5GB plan that costs 8,000 with a 3GB plan that costs 7,000. and jacking up the price of their 250MB plan. well Thank God there are other networks in Nigeria

  5. Mr Mo. You shouldnt encourage Mtn execessiveness. Higher cost doesnot always translate to better service. If glo,etisalat and airtel can offer cheap reliable data both at night and day why cant mtn do the same? The answer is capacity. Mtn is too stingy to improve capacity and is instead looking for the cheapest way out. Mind you alot of people will now move over to other networks for data there by making mtn penny wise and pound foolish. The amount of nigerians that can afford this rip off can not provide the revenue that majority who cant afford it will. Mtn just keeps shooting it self. Thank God for alternatives. When other networks are reducing costs, mtn the biggest network keeps increasing it. We shall see the outcome.

  6. Its been well over two years I used any of MTN’s data plans and shouldn’t have been worried about this new development, but I am. MTN is the biggest network in the country and when they take such a bold mean step, others may try to do something similar. I’m only hoping that doesn’t happen because, apart from the night plans, are there enough people using the MTN data plans before now?

    I wish people will abandon MTN’s data services on time and en mass before other networks announce something similar.

  7. Gut wrenching news it is. Currently I’m on mtn’s nite plan- subscribed like a week ago; i guess they haven’t pulled the plug on my plan yet. I’ll cherishing every moment byte by byte.
    I do hope they review this and come up with updates shortly.

    Damn! I must say. I mean…i just went android

  8. probably they want to reduce the traffic on their network and make a more effective data service available for those that constitute the minority of their customers. I really don’t care since I stopped using their data services years ago. IMO, they are the most ineffective data network. glo, Airtel and Etisalat does it for me

    @Johnny_babangida, airtel offers similar data plan. I will subscribing to it this weekend. Its very useful for those huge data download you might need some times. If only we have wifi pay services. One can just go to the hotspots,pay and download whatever one needs.

  9. sorry, I meant make the data service available for those that constitute the majority of their data customers.

  10. very disappointed, nite plan dis….what?
    in my area mtn rules follow by eti. then glo
    that nite plan is d only plan that make sense to me
    maybe i shall be falling back to eti.or glo when my SIM STOPS BROWSING FREE
    or maybe i shall look 4 alternative…
    DSTV increasing theirs
    MTN doing the same, NA THE SAME PEOPLE
    its their business let them do managings.

    goodbye no goodnite MTN i shall miss u every nite,….
    but phcn have improve oh…i think and suggest you(MTN) switch to PHCN even 4 12hrs…

  11. MTN????? Do they still offer data services??? WOW, i guess i must have been out of this country for a long while. I waved MTN’s data services good bye years ago. And Mr Mo “passing a boeing 747 through the eyes of a needle”??? :-).

  12. Well, this is just evil of mtn. I don’t know their finances or data load is, but I still believe this is wrong and evil of them.

    I’m currently on the 5GB/8000 plan on my phone, and I share it among all my devices. As soon as it expires, it’s goodbye to mtn data plans.

  13. The night plan is the only data plan I’d ever subscribe to on MTN so………….

    Anyway as long as we have Glo (@ least in my area) 3G with #1,400 BIS then #issorai.

  14. I think MTN is just looking to make as much money as is possible in Nigeria. Not many people might remember, but MTN initially planned on charging 40,000 Naira for 1GB of data on their 3G network. This was before Glo announced 3GB for 15,000 Naira(This in my opinion speaks volumes).

    This is not a network capacity issue, they recently(quietly) turned on their connection to WACS, the largest submarine cable on the west coast of Africa. They now have more bandwidth than anybody else, and they are getting it cheaper than they were getting it in the past. Even with that, they are charging the highest for Wimax(hynet) service(63,000 Naira for a 1Mbps connection)

    I don’t understand why anyone is still on MTNs network. They do not mean well for this country.

  15. @jbankole, are you serious that WACS has been launched? why would they do that secretly? is it not supposed to be great news for us in this country and for them as a company? Probably they don’t envisage any improvement in their data service delivery that’s why it wasnt announced. Because while they were on mainone cable with others, MTN still terrible data network while Etisalst and co were blazing.

  16. MTN weekend 3G data bundle has being my choice for streaming church service. But now that, it is gone Uzane is going to be collecting money meant for them. Adeiu MTN

  17. I understand MTN has reversed this tariff although I’m yet to independently verify this.

  18. MTN…bye gone…am out of this country…see U.S.A…unlimited browsing for a month @ 300mbp/s…$36 (~6,000 naira)…all Naija networks are not good…May God help us…

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