TECNO’s Boom smartphones are marketed as music-centric devices. The spanking new J8 is the latest in the range and is all the rave these days.

Music Showdown: TECNO Boom J8 versus Infinix Zero 3 #PowerOfSimple

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TECNO’s Boom smartphones are marketed as music-centric devices. The spanking new J8 is the latest in the range and is all the rave these days. We put it up against a similarly specc’ed smartphone, Infinix’s current flagship, the Zero 3. What results did we get? Aaah!


Music Apps

First round is between the respective music apps on both devices – Boom Player versus Google music player. There is no competition, really. Boom Player packs much more features and functionality. Plus, it has a strong focus on discovery of music and video by local artistes. And it is easy to use too.

Winner Round One: TECNO Boom J8.


In the second round, we pitch the loudspeakers on both phones against one another. Both of them are plain mono speakers. The Zero 3 is decidedly the louder of the two, while the J8 speaker has marginally better quality and bass. Marginally. We were a bit disappointed, as we expected that the music-centric J8 would perform much better.

Meanwhile, this has to be said: the J8’s loudspeakers produce worse audio quality and volume than its predecessor’s the J7. So, in terms of loudspeaker, the J8 is actually a downgrade. We suspect too that if a Boom headphone were plugged into the J7….oh well.

Back to this comparison, how do we score this round? Sigh. Let’s call Round Two a draw.


The 3rd and final round is to see how the two devices square off in terms of audio via headphones. First, the J8 comes with TECNO’s Boom headset, which turned out to be extremely good.

However, the Zero 3 turned out much louder music when we plugged in the Boom headphones into it. Not that the J8 wasn’t loud; only that the Zero 3 was louder. The J8 produced better music quality though.

However you look at it, the Boom J8 wins this round. The Zero 3 doesn’t have the Boom headphone and so out of the box stands no chance against the J8.

Winner Round Three: Boom J8.


There you have it. Overall, the Boom J8 is clearly the better music device between the two.

PS: We have heard some people claim that the Boom J8 is the best smartphone that TECNO has ever made. Being huge fans of the Phantom 5, we sort of took offence at that claim and pit the J8 against the Phantom 5 on all fronts, including build, performance, audio, and video. What did we find out? We will spill the beans in our next comparison article, so bookmark MobilityArena.com and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates.

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  1. Why aren’t you surprised? I opened this link with the hope that infinix will win. I’m surprised to see Tecno as leader.

  2. Well, I must add that it has a Very functional Headset piece, my music listening experience was awesome! Not to mention the swag that the follow come headset gave me. lol

  3. Comment Text*sure D. are u for real. aren’t u ashamed of urself even. if I may ask,are ur eyes functioning properly??? crap!!! did u see De specs well before making that baseless speech?? what is techno to infinix?? ah! I’m even dissapointed. dis is flawless victory for infinx. in fact I will buy u a zero 3 personally.

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