Mid last year Nokia launched its latest latest Asha series of phones, which came with lovely TV ads, and it looked like what would be

My bitter experience with the Nokia Asha 503 budget phone

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Nokia Asha 503

Mid last year Nokia launched its latest latest Asha series of phones, which came with lovely TV ads, and it looked like what would be a nice budget phone, especially since it’s coming from Nokia. I never had intentions of buying it, until I was recently gifted one.

Little did I know that this phone was going to be a disappointment. The first issue started when I tried to download an attachment in an email. I got the prompt saying, “file too large can’t download attachment”. I quickly went online to see what I could do to enable me download attachments and view documents, then I found Microsoft pocket office. I downloaded the app (which was made for the phone) to help me download email attachments and also view docs, installed it and still, I couldn’t download or view any email attachment. But that was just the beginning, as I continued to use the phone, I discovered most of its apps are mediocre.

For instance, the twitter app has limited functions like: not being able to view your profile image or someone else’s and also, push notification doesn’t work. The Whatsapp, in most cases doesn’t deliver until the person replies, and all the other apps are generally slow in opening .

The phone is a 3G enabled phone yet the download speed is as slow as a turtle. It has no WiFi tethering, it doesn’t support multitasking, the display isn’t appealing, when browsing, images don’t always load properly, some of the apps downloaded from the Nokia App Store generally don’t function well on the phone and before I forget, typing on the screen is relatively difficult.

On the bright side, the phone’s UI isn’t bad. It has a good enough 5MP camera with flash considering its a budget phone. The battery life is okay, and it kind of helps in managing data.

Overall, the phone is disappointing, and still I wonder what Nokia was thinking when making this phone. In this modern times, someone could easily get a low budget Android phone with far better features for a lesser price. I think they should discontinue the S40 anyway as it clearly shows it can’t compete with the modern mobile OS. I would like to conclude with Mr. Mo’s article about budget phones coming at a cost which I didn’t initially agree with, but this phone really does give him a point. With a price tag of between N16,000 to N17,000, I don’t think anyone would be satisfied while using this phone.


  1. The Whatsapp, In Most Cases Doesn’t Deliver Until The Person Replies

    That Statement Had Me Scratching My Head. Say That Again?

    How Can The Person Reply If It Hasn’t Delivered?

    I Think They
    Should Discontinue The S40

    Yes O. If They Don’t, It Will Eventually Be Discontinued For Them.. By Customers Voting Elsewhere With Their Money.

    Would I Spend ? 16k On A Dumbphone Like The Asha (Or Even That Puerile Windowsphone)? Are You Kidding Me?

    It Is My Considered Opinion That, Very Soon, The World Would See A Precipitous Fall In The Number Of Dumbphones In The Ilk Of The Asha.. Dirt Cheap (Android) Smartphones From China Would Be The Catalyst To, And Accelerator For, This Tend..

  2. With N13,300 you can get the Lenovo A369i which is miles ahead of this device, i.e. if you are not particularly keen about camera picture quality……

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