My Initiation Into ROM Flashing on Windows Mobile (Lots of screenshots)

Posted by Mister Mobility

Consider this a sequel to Brymay’s earlier article on flashing ROMs, and you wouldn’t be off-the mark.

In the following discussion, Brymay correctly predicted that I would soon get bored and attempt a flash. Yes; he was correct. It took me only about two (2) weeks to arrive at that perfect state of boredom that geeks know too well.

Anyway, I rolled up my shirt sleeves today and gave it a go, transforming my X1 into an HTC clone running TouchFlo 3D. The flashing process was smooth and easy (thankfully).

Also, although I was shy of WM6.5 ROMs, Touch-IT v13.2, the ROM I downloaded turned out to be based on v6.5 – and I had no clue until it was purring smoothly on my device! Oh, well.

Touch-IT Xperience v13.2: My Thoughts

So far, this ROM has been impressive. While I have used installer/CAB versions of TouchFlo 3D (TF3D), this ROM update delivers a faster, smoother and sleeker experience. The difference is clear.

In addition, most of the issues on the TF3D CAB/panel installations don’t exist here. Landscape functionality is better, though there are a few glitches here and there.

It is a good job, but I’m still experimenting and will be sure to try out one or two others before settling down.

One thing I will be observing is battery life. Touch-IT v13.2 seems to have been optimised for performance and speed. How much impact that will make on battery life is yet to be seen.


Today Tab

Today tab in landscape mode

Contacts list

The Contacts menu integrates and synchronizes the list on your device with your Facebook contacts. Beautiful. It also presents Facebook updates.

SMS tab

Threaded SMS view

Replying an SMS

Music tab

Weather tab. The weather status can be set to update automatically

WM6.5 Start Menu - much finger-friendly, better optimized than WM6.1 version

About page

That’s it, folks. Now, who’s going to welcome me officially into the Windows Mobile ROM Flashers’ Club? 😀


  1. Heart attack moment!!

    Tried out another ROM, SEX1 R3, this morning, and ended up with my device stuck in the Bootloader screen.

    Calmed myself down and went through available material on the internet. A soft reset solved the problem, and the X1 rebooted intact.

    Sigh. I’m getting too old for this…

  2. Heart attack moment!! After yesterday's successful flashing, I decided to try out another custom ROM, and ended up with my device stuck in the Bootloader screen.Calmled myself down and went through available material on the internet. A soft reset solved the problem, and the X1 rebooted intact.Sigh.

  3. Welcome!
    And after overcoming “heart attack moment”, believe me, you will keep on flashing.
    Is Dayo taking the leap soon?

  4. Brym,

    I haven’t taken the leap yet for obvious reasons – I don’t use a windows mobile for now. If I find for S60 though, I might just give it a go.

    Until then you guys should enjoy.

  5. Guys,

    I found a deal-breaker on this ROM – QWERTY keyboard does not work for inputing text in web browser. No way. I work on the web all the time, so this is a little bit hard to swallow.

    ROM hunting….

  6. Yomi,
    I will advice you dont allow the Geek in you to tempt you to crash that gr8 phone.The xperia X2 will be released in Germany in mobile press conference next week, 2nd sept,09. The X2 shall come with the latest Qualcom 1Ghz processor,heavy memory storage, and the Window mobile6.5v which is also upgradable to winMobile 7 version. So, i suggest you reinstate the original OS or leave it as it is and later sale it and go for this phone or other winMo 6.5 phones. But,can you stop a GEEK?! They are like the Oliver twist, they cry for more. Well,do take care anyway.

  7. I’ve been round WM ROM world in one day and flashed as many as five (5) different ROMs, but all of them either had similar issues or worse. The key issues that keep me moving have to do with text entry in the web browser and/or camera issues.

    Anyway, somewhere along the line, I remembered Brymay mentioning something complimentary about the new Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) in another article of his titled Windows Mobile 6.5 ROMs Everywhere:

    Another [good reason] reason is the new pocket internet explorer, referred to as IE6. It sports a revamped web browser built on the same code that runs the desktop version of Internet Explorer 6.

    Well, I went ahead to give PIE a try on Touch-IT (I really like this ROM) and it delivered fairly well. It is not as versatile as Opera but it gets the job done – plus the hardware QWERTY works on it for text input.

    I am back with Touch-IT and using PIE as my default browser (who would have thought?! But its a workable compromise). For now 😀

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