NCC appoints a consortium to implement Number Portability

Posted by Jesse O.

Mobile number portability (MNP) is a subject that Nigerians have been passionate about. Having been at the mercy of poor QoS (Quality of service) from operators, many have turned to demanding for MNP as a way out. With MNP, a subscriber can cross over to another network but retain his/her number.

The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has now taken concrete steps towards the proposed number portability by appointing a consortium of three companies to implement the proposed number portability services.

Below is an except of the news item from the NCC website:

Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, weekend, said it had appointed a consortium of three companies to implement the proposed number portability services which will allow Nigerian phone users move from one network to another without losing their numbers.

The consortium of Interconnect/Saab Grintek/Telecordia was announced by the commission as the preferred vendor for the service after the technical, financial and demo presentations by the bidding vendors.

Number portability will allow subscribers move to alternate networks when they are no longer enjoying the quality of services being obtained from their current operators or when they are no longer happy with the tariffs offered by their current subscribers. They will still retain their original numbers irrespective of the new network from which they may be obtaining their services.


I am hoping that the implementation comes fast. With the different juicy offers from different networks, there is the pressure to switch. However, switching now would mean a change of my mobile number. With MNP in place, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your number when you switch.

What do you think of this project? Will MNP solve our QoS problems? Which network will you be switching to and why? Let’s have your comments.


  1. This is long overdue and I think it is a welcome development. I hope the telecomm companies won’t try some funny games anymore.

    Can this work on CDMA and GSM? I doubt though….

  2. Hmmmmmnnn, that depends on if any restrictions would be placed on switching back if the new operator serves you a worse dish 🙂 I might switch one MTN line to etisalat though.

  3. I don’t think I would be switching carriers, this is already late in the day for me. I have got two of the best carriers already. One handles my calls and the other mobile internet use. I don’t the other carriers providing me better services than these two in terms of network coverage and traffics, so am sticking to mtn and glo

  4. i think that will be a good idea. With all the fake packages these network give these days. For example airtel promise ten friends and family on they new package but after regitering one person you will not be allowed to register another it keeps telling you erro. Why are they desiving us and are there no body put in place to checkmate such froudulent act?

  5. migrating straight to glo/etisalat. but we need to know if there’ll be any terms & conditions.

  6. Ya i think it’s a great idea but will there be any terms and condition.And can just wait for this in Nigeria.

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