NCC Denies Directive To Shut Down BlackBerry Services

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The Nigerian Communications Commission has issued a statement to deny that there was any directive to GSM operators to shut down BlackBerry services in the country in the wake of public protests against the recent fuel subsidy removal.

The full statement:

The attention of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has been drawn to an information making rounds that the NCC had at a meeting this morning agreed with CEOs of telecommunications networks to shutdown Blackberry Services in order to deny Nigerians the use of that very important social network.

The Management hereby states categorically that there was never such a meeting held, nor was there ever a resolution to shut down Blackberry services. The Public is please advised to disregard such information.

The Commission enjoins the network operators to continue to provide all telecommunication services, including Blackberry Services without fail.

Tony Ojobo
Director, Public Affairs


  1. Thanks for always “getting to the bottom of it” and giving us information as it comes out. However, past and recent experiences have taught some of us never to believe what comes from the mouth of the government and it’s agencies. They claim that the subsidy removal is to our advantage, they claimed to have informed NLC about the subsidy removal, they claimed majority of Nigerians support the subsidy removal. They lie. Why should I then believe this NCC proclamation when insiders from one of the tele coys say otherwise.

    NCC might not be the ones that placed the pressure on the telecom coys. We have many government agencies and interest groups that could have issued instructions or threats to the telecom coys.

    All am saying in short is that I have no confidence in this government that has lost all credibilities.

  2. The question is this.
    Those who use blackberry should tell us if their blackberry service is down or not. They should also state the network they are using. This will enable us ascertain if the service has been shutdown or not.

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