Launched late year, the Infinix Zero 3 is the third flagship in the Zero series. Beautiful device. In case you missed it, a Mobility reader

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Launched late year, the Infinix Zero 3 is the third flagship in the Zero series. Beautiful device. In case you missed it, a Mobility reader shared his review HERE. The review is quite apt and detailed, covering almost every aspect of the device. I got my hands on this device, and thought to do an Infinix Zero 3 review too. You know, a different perspective maybe, but something you should enjoy reading.

infinix zero 3 review - homescreen

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The Infinix Zero 3 is a unique device. It carries features that many of its peers don’t have. The phone is slim and shares a similar design with its older siblings, the Zero and Zero 2. The edges are squared with the sides made of a metal frame. The back is probably made of plastic, but there’s Gorilla glass coating laced front and back. Overall, the Zero 3 sits on a very aesthetically pleasing profile.

Infinix Zero 3 Review: Display/Design (& its Flaws)
This phone has a 5.5-inch screen with 1080p resolution. The display has very rich and vivid colors. Watching videos is great on this screen. The superb viewing angles allows for an enjoyable browsing or reading experience. It is sad that sunlight legibility is still poor here. Unless you really crank up the brightness, you can’t use this phone outdoors.

As the case with older Infinix phones (and many other Chinese brands), this phone has unnecessarily huge bezels. There are lots of unused space, especially on the bottom side. The 5.5-inch screen is markedly reduced as the on-screen keys take up a significant part of the screen. In practical terms, the usable screen on the Infinix Hot Note is larger than what you find on this device.

Infinix Zero 3 Review: Software
This phone runs the Infinix XUI based on Android Lollipop 5.1. The software glides smoothly (but seriously, why shouldn’t it?), after all, it is powered by a 2.1 GHz processor and 3 GB of RAM. More importantly, there are some useful tweaks added to the phone. One-handed mode, and Tap to wake both function well.


Clear Vision enhances the video watching experience. I also like the fact that one can change fonts without having to root. The software comes pre-loaded with some X-apps. I guess Infinix wants to build her own app ecosystem.


There is X-Cloud for backing up data in the cloud, XContacts for easy backup and restore of your contacts, then XClub, linking you to the Infinix Xfans forums.

Infinix Zero 3 Review: Camera

Most of the phones in this price range max out at 13 MP for their camera, but here Infinix has a 20MP lens (from Sony). The output is so raw, detailed and crystal clear. Below are comparison photos with the Infinix Hot 2. You can easily tell which one is better. Shots from the Infinix Hot 2 are the ones below:





Note the contrast of colors and the more detailed output of the Zero 3 photos.

Infinix Zero 3 Review: Battery & Performance

The Infinix Zero series always have one flaw – battery life. Striking the balance between 1080p display, super fast processor, and battery capacity has been a major problem for many phone makers, Infinix included. This phone lasts for about 4 hours of consistent browsing on 3G, with two SIM cards installed. To get longer battery life, one can switch to the Ultra Power Saving Mode.


One feature catches my fancy here: Standby Network Management. This lets you choose apps that have access to the internet when on standby mode.

This phone is a beast!! All apps run very smoothly here with no form of lag, many thanks to the 2.1 GHz processor. One thing though: after prolonged gaming for about 30 minutes, the phone warmed up a bit.

Infinix Zero 3 Review: Conclusion

The Infinix Zero 3 is a great phone to have. The specs are awesome and the phone delivers on its promises. It is super fast, the camera here is awesome, but it is plagued with the same illness worrying its predecessors.

Think of catapulting yourself near the apex of Mount Everest. That is exactly how it feels like while using the Infinix Zero 3. You only stand the chance of losing your balance when the battery runs down. This is the perfect upgrade for a previous Zero 1 or Zero 2 user. If speed and camera is your thing, then your ideal choice is here.

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