Instagram now tells stories too; Who needs SnapChat?

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Instagram has reproduced the concept of letting users create a stream of photos or videos that expire after 24 hours. Hello Instagram Stories!

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Versus SnapChat

I do not hate SnapChat. I just have not been able to use it. I have the app installed on my phone and I have a SnapChat account. It is lying dormant though. But Instagram’s new Stories feature seems more straightforward and easy to use. I have used it already this morning. Chances are that I will use it again.

The Android and iOS apps have been updated. As is customary, the Instagram for Windows 10 app is yet to get an update that adds Stories. If you use an Android or iOS app and haven’t updated yet, the update is waiting for you.

The millennial generation can stay SnapChatting all they like. We old guys will stay telling our stories on Instagram. Who needs SnapChat? Instagram now tells stories too. Take that, SnapChat; Instagram Stories has taken over. What you gonna do?

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