Expect a Xiaomi smartphone with integrated solar panel soon

Do you fancy a smartphone with a built-in solar panel, so you can charge it without looking for a wall power outlet? Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi, has patented the design of a smartphone with an integrated solar panel.

The design patent was reportedly filed on July 27th, 2018, and shows a smartphone with a full-screen, no-notch display and an integrated solar panel at the back.

The technical details of the solar panel smartphone are unknown at this point, and we all will have to wait till they are leaked or officially announced. But seeing as the screen has minimal bezels and no notch, it is safe to say that it will have a pop-up or selfie camera. There is also no sign of a fingerprint reader at the back, so we may see a side-mounted or in-display scanner.

This won’t be the first smartphone with integrated solar panel. Similar phones released in the past took too long to charge and did not sell well. Until solar charging technology makes it possible for smartphones to get charged at regular phone charging speed at the least, smartphones with integrated solar panel may remain in the realm of fantasy.



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  1. Seriously, this sounds really amazing. If Xiaomi could pull off this stunt, then, it’s a matter of time before the idea of charging phones through wall sockets becomes a thing of the past.
    Great idea 💡 this is, I must say.

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