Random man gets surprise birthday package from Infinix Nigeria #BlowMyMind

It isn’t every day that brands respond to random birthday requests. Infinix Nigeria responded to one such request and blew Kolapo Kowope’s mind.

On July 26, he tweeted at the company’s official handle to say, “Today is my birthday. @InfinixNigeria Can you please #BlowMyMind?”

And they replied with, “Hey Kolapo! Get just 2k RTs on this and we will blow your mind with a surprise. #BlowMyMInd”

He did get the 2,000 retweets and Infinix sent a rich package to him.

We spy an Infinix Note 6 in that package. There’s an umbrella, a water bottle, and what looks like a notepad in there too.

Forget everything else; the Note 6 smartphone is the big deal in that package. Launched just this July, it has a 6-inch display, Xpen stylus, triple camera, 4GB RAM, 64GB memory, a 4000mAh battery, and sells for ₦65,000.

Not bad at all for a surprise birthday gift. You can check out the full specs and features of the Infinix Note 6 HERE.


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  1. Wow. Such a lucky guy. He’s lucky not because he got the surprise package but because he was able to garner 2000 likes! That’s some astounding feat! It’s not easy to get real likes that much on social medias if you’re not a celebrity. I’ve seen some people resorting to cloning and automated likes to win competitions. I never participate in such because I know I can’t get anything near ordinary 20 likes.
    So, congrats to the lucky winner, once again. Enjoy your Note 6. You deserve it.

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