Nigeria clocked 82 million mobile internet users in January 2015

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Subscribers to internet services on Nigeria’s GSM mobile networks rose from 76,324,632 in December 2014 to 81,892,840 in January 2015. Internet penetration in the West African country continues to improve year after year thanks to the coverage and dropping tariffs of wireless internet services from GSM providers.

Source: NCC


  1. I wonder how many of the 82 million is one person with many lines?

    In any case, now there are 82 million internet users, can the networks start giving us a better quality of service and more competitive (cheaper) tariffs?

  2. Operators have actually tried remember when it was just per minute and it was 50 naira per minute.

  3. Agree wholly with you, Noni. The new Nigerian default is at least two lines per person, and some people have up to four or five even!
    It really annoys me each time I see how expensive internet access is in this country. It’s like a commodity!

  4. Still not good enough.I doubt the correctness of the figure considering network problems we face here which has pushed everybody to own at least two lines.

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