• Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

Nigeria Fact File: Active telecoms and internet subscribers (May 2015)

Nigerian flag with SIMs

Here are a few statistics of Nigeria’s telecoms and internet subscribers as at May 2015:

  1. 146 million active telecoms subscribers
  2. 89 million active internet subscribers
  3. in terms of internet subscribers, currently number 1 position in Africa and number 10 globally

To put things in perspective, as at 2001, Nigeria had only 400,000 connected telephone lines.

Source: Nigerian Communications Commission


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7 thoughts on “Nigeria Fact File: Active telecoms and internet subscribers (May 2015)”
  1. True. And what does “in terms of internet connection” mean? Speed? Traffic? Or what?

  2. I’m presuming it means people who actively use internet on their phone, a follow on from point no. 2.

  3. But to think we are over 170million unofficial population figures. That means almost 30 million people doesn’t have phone?

  4. “146 million active telecoms subscribers”

    More accurately put: 146 million active phone numbers. Having multiple SIMs is the rule rather than the exception in Nigeria.
    NCC should do more homework and give us more detailed data since all active SIMs have been ‘biometrically’ registered.
    Reporting this way shouts ‘market saturation’ which is far from the truth and turns away potential investors.

    JusticeOtuya, if you look at Nigeria’s population structure, you will understand why. Ours is a young population. As at 2014, about 50 million Nigerians were under 10 years old.

  5. Statistics wise, our nation is poor generally. We have been living with this for long. Figures like these don’t move me. God help us.

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