Nigeria: Xiaomi strikes back against mi-Fone

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Back in April, we brought you news of how South African phone maker, Mi-Fone obtained an injunction barring Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, from selling in the country under the “Mi” brand in Nigeria. Since that event, Xiaomi devices have not been in circulation in retail stores in the country. The first round went to mi-Fone. Strike one

Xiaomi strikes back

I got contacted by a representative of Xiaomi’s distributor yesterday who had news that subsequent to that development, the company has “mounted a legal challenge, as a result of which Mi products have again been able for sale in the country since Saturday 30 April 2016.” The representative also added that Xiaomi has “every intention of bringing the Mi 5 to Nigeria soonest.” Strike two. This round went to Xiaomi.

Xiaomi fans have been bugging us with questions about the nonavailability of their products and support in the market. Well, you have it now. You should be able to get the Mi 5 and others from retailers in the country again.


  1. Good gracious! Great News after the long wait. Shame on the “Bad Belle” South African mi-phone. ..

  2. What about other phones like the mi4c, did the representative talk about it.

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