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In my recent app hunt on the Google Play Store I came across two language applications that I think are worth sharing today. The first is the aYoruba app developed by Genii Games (Àsà) while the second is ! Na-asu Igbo: Greetings which was developed by Ikenga Development group.

The first which is aYoruba, which as it’s name suggests is a Yoruba app that teaches the basics and even complicated aspects of the Yoruba language. It is very comprehensive with several categories such as Alphabets, numbers, body parts, greetings and games.

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The file size for aYoruba is 5.8mb, which is very okay considering the several categories that the app offers. There is also an audio guide as you tap whatever word that you want to learn so you can learn pronunciation too.

All in all aYourba gets full marks from me as it is both comprehensive, auditory and graphical all for free.

Google play buttonNa-asu Igbo: Greetings I

The second language app I’ll be discussing is Na-asu Igbo. The title above is actually the full name of the app and after installing it I dug in to find out the offerings. As stated in the name all the application offers are basic greetings and a few words relating to that. aYoruba, mentioned above offers far more words and has audio which Na-asu Igbo lacks.

na-asu igbo

Na-asu Igbo translated means “To speak Igbo” is surely a nice effort at introducing you to the Igbo language but more work needs to be put into it. Other categories on offer include Learn words, Flash cards and Quiz mode. Another thing to note was that tapping the Flashcards category crashes the app; always.

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This were the two language apps that I was able to find on the Google Play Store for Android. If you also use any other Nigerian language applications irrespective of your OS platform do share.

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