Follow the hottest Nigerian Tech News with this app

Following Nigerian tech news app just became much easier. TechPark NG is a tech news app that gives you a quick glance of the latest articles from Nigeria’s leading tech blogs. In addition, it offers material from leading global tech media as well.

The TechPark app doesn’t display full articles; just article headlines and excerpts. The user can then click on links of interest to read the full articles.

Nigerian tech news app

Local Nigerian Tech News Sources

The available local tech news sources for now include:

  1. Techpoint
  2. Mobility Arena
  3. TechCabal
  4. TechCity

Global sources include Techcrunch and TheVerge. TechPark is availeble only for Android smartphones and tablets at this time.

Download techPark NG app.

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Follow the hottest Nigerian Tech News with this app
Following all your favourite Nigeria tech media just became much easier. The TechPark tech news app gives you a quick glance across all of them.
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Mobility Arena
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