No; The iPad 128GB Is Not Innovation


I’m so tired of the way the word Innovation gets thrown around when it comes to anything Apple. Recently Apple announced the 128GB iPad and boom, one of my Twitter followers and countless others took to social media to hail another “innovation” from Apple. Are you kidding me? Innovation?

I am not questioning the fact that 128GB in a mobile device is a nice thing to have. What I question is that it gets labeled as innovation without proper deep analysis. How do you look at the true innovations from Apple such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod and the super slim MacBook Air, you turn around and call a memory bump “innovation”? Forgive me if my reality is not distorted.

I’m an Android person by choice, but allegiances aside I’d like to point out a few reasons why I do not think that the recent memory bump for the iPad categorizes as innovation.

  1. First, for those who have forgotten, the main target of the new 128GB iPad is business customers and with only a few days left to the launch of the Surface Pro tablet you can see that this is a reactionary measure from Apple. Much like the iPad Mini, which Steve Jobs had sworn wouldn’t happen.
  2. Another thing is that even though it may not be the smoothest of processes, 128GB has been available for sometime now on a mobile device. All that is needed is a device with 64GB internal memory and an additional 64GB expandable by microSD. Plus you get it for cheaper price than what Apple is offering.
  3. Seriously for the beginning retail price ($799), will you not be better off getting a Laptop?

If you are an Apple fan, I do not hold it against you. To each his own is something I follow. But please save us the Innovation line sometimes (Okay, maybe most times).

In the recent software upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, Samsung differentiated from their competitors with major software enhancements. Some of those enhancements included:

Smartstay which keeps the screen on as long as it detects your face while in use,

Multiwindow that allows you to run 2 apps simultaneously and the now famous Galaxy Note line that revived a dead thing called the Stylus.

What did a majority of Tech blogs call those features? Gimmicky. They bashed it and went on and on about how no-one will use them. If you use or have used a Samsung device that is equipped with the aforementioned enhancements, you will truly appreciate the attention that has gone into making the device a true smart companion.

When the Galaxy Note was announced, a majority of tech blogs called it dead on arrival. “Samsung has gotten it wrong again,” said many.

Now let’s turn the table around. Shall we suppose that all those features get incorporated into iOS 6 for example. We would be tortured by iOS fans and numerous tech blogs about how all these features are so innovative, how Apple knows what the users want, and why the expensive retail prices of Apple products can be justified with such awesome enhancements.

Really, let me be frank. Save me the bull. There is nothing revolutionary or innovative about the 128GB iPad. I may get flak for that from some “platform independent”/iOS users, but the truth they say is bitter. What I’m waiting for is the next generation of the iPhone to see the innovation Apple will come up with.

Do share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t hold anything back, cheers! 🙂

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