Nokia 7 Plus now supports two active 4G connections

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The ability to have two active 4G connections simultaneously is a new feature in the smartphone world. It is known by the term dual SIM dual VoLTE and not many phones have it yet, but my Nokia 7 Plus now has it.

Two days ago, I got a software update notification on my device. The update was labelled V2.22A and was 441.7MB in size. The notification only listed the following: user interface enhancements, improved system stability, and OS upgrade.

But after downloading and installing the update, I found out that dual SIM dual VoLTE had been enabled on my phone.

Other New Features In V2.22A Update

The other New features that hot added to the Nokia 7 Plus include an improved dialer user interface that moved buttons from the upper part of the screen down to the bottom. As such, it is now easier to reach the Favourites, Recent calls and Contacts tabs.

There are reports that the update included May Android security patch. I checked my unit and can confirm that the May 1 2018 security patch is now there.

The report also says that the V2.22A update for the Nokia 7 Plus is rolling out in India, but obviously it is being pushed out globally, as I received mine in Nigeria two days ago.

If you own a Nokia 7 Plus, dive into the Settings -> System -> System Update to do a manual check for the update.

Having Two Active 4G Connections Is Great

I have 4G-enabled MTN and Glo SIMs in my phone now and have 4G LTE active on both. Having two active 4G connections on one phone is sweet! It is similar to being able to have two active 3G connections on your smartphone. You can switch your data connection from one SIM to the other without having to give up 4G speeds.

I am also guessing that the Nokia 7 Plus’ battery endurance will take a hit from this new feature.

More About Dual SIM Dual VoLTE

To get a better understanding of the subject, please read our dual SIM dual VoLTE guide.

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  1. So much to do and so much to enjoy on Nokia 7 Plus, 4G network enable on both sim is an interesting one. Nokia really did a great job on this one. This additional feature is a welcome one and I’m loving it already.

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