Nokia 8 Android Pie issues are being reported; do not update

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It isn’t only Samsung S9 users who are complaining about bugs after updating their devices to Android 9 Pie, Nokia 8 Android Pie issues are also being reported by some users.

Software update season is always a period of excitement, but it is also a period of bugs. Nokia 8 owners have been waiting for the Android Pie update and it is finally here, but those who have upgraded are crying out in pain. You might want to hold on and not update your device yet.

I first got a hint of the problem from Dara, who tweeted:

I reached out to him and he has committed to provide me with more details. But I was already curious, so I went googling, and found that there is a rising uproar about the Nokia 8 Android Pie issues.

Nokia 8 Android Pie issues
Nokia 8 users are reporting issues after updating their devices to Android Pie.

The Nokia 8 Android Pie Issues We Know

Here are some of the issues being reported after users updated their devices:

  1. Absence of features like Adaptive battery, app actions, etc (reported HERE)
  2. Battery charging issues (reported HERE)
  3. Issues with the compass (reported HERE)

The absence of core Android Pie features is surprising. Why were those stripped out of the Nokia 8 Android Pie update? There is the argument that the phone isn’t a part of the Android One programme, and so parts of the software that are specific to Android One, e.g. Digital Wellbeing, were left out. But then, other parts that are not specific to Android One are missing.

The Nokia 8 was released in October 2017 running Android 7 Nougat. It received the Android 8 Oreo update, and now has the Android 9 Pie update rolling out to it.

android 9 update

I will update this article with the information about the Nokia 8 Android Pie issues that Dara will be sending to me. I wonder what the usability problems he is facing are about.

Till you have a full picture of the bugs and problems associated with this update, and perhaps a resolution, it might be a good idea to hold off from updating your unit.

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