Ignore Nokia and you will stay ignorant of much of mobile and smartphone history. Here is a compilation of articles highlighting Nokia history. Nokia is

Nokia History Series by Mister Mobility

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Ignore Nokia and you will stay ignorant of much of mobile and smartphone history. Here is a compilation of articles highlighting Nokia history.

Nokia is legendary in mobile. Those who do not know mobile history will benefit from a number of articles that I have put together to highlight some of the outstanding feats pulled off by Nokia over the years in the smartphone space.

Some uninitiated people say that Nokia missed smartphones. Nokia could not have missed smartphones considering the fact that they practically pioneered them. Nokia put the smart in phones. And Nokia made all sorts of smartphones. There was one for everybody.

In the mid-2000s, many Nokia users were already working from their Nokia smartphones. There was a year in which the Nokia 9500 Communicator was my only computing device for many months. I did my email, internet browsing, FTP, downloads, website design and management and more all on that device. And I downloaded and installed tons of apps too.

What Nokia missed after over ten years of pioneering, championing and ruling smartphones was the evolution of the touchscreen and the smartphone ecosystem. Too bad.

A look at Nokia history

Not only was Nokia a smartphone pioneer, its Symbian OS ruled the smartphone world for ten years. It took on Windows Mobile, Palm OS, BlackBerry OS and they all couldn’t put a dent in Nokia’s smartphone marketshare. That is a remarkable feat.

But beyond that, Nokia made the first internet enabled phone, the first email-enabled phone, the best camera phones, the most iconic smartphones, the weirdest smartphones, and much more. You will find below a list of articles highlighting each of these different aspects of Nokia’s glorious history.

Nokia History Series

  1. The Top Selling Smartphone and top selling mobile phone of all time are Nokia. All the other phones on the Top 10 Bestselling Phones list are feature phones, with eight (8) of them also being Nokia. Amazing; right?
  2. The first mobile phone with internet and email capabilities was a Nokia
  3. Transformers: Nokia’s Shape-shifters
  4. X-Men: the weird Nokia phones
  5. Sharp-Shooters: Nokia’s Cameraphone champs across 11 years
  6. Nokia Communicator: T-Rex of early smartphones
  7. Symbian OS: the smartphone platform that ruled the world

Next time you hear someone wonder why Nokia generates so much buzz, now you have all the answers. Feel free to educate them.

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  1. Most arguments in life emanate from a difference in perspectives and a dichotomy as regards terms of reference.

    The conventional definition of a smartphone is a phone that can run apps.

    Even feature phones ran java apps.

    There is someone here who doesn’t believe we had true smartphones before Android / iOS debuted.

    He would tell you what Nokia had was far from smart – very dumb, a torture.

    He certainly wouldn’t agree that Nokia pioneered smartphones.

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