Nokia N9, an E7 Clone? (Updated)

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A teaser video of the much rumoured N9 smartphone has surfaced. Yes; that super-duper smartphone that was supposed to be running MeeGo. You know how we have all been waiting for MeeGo.


Only, the video shows that this device runs Symbian Anna. That much is obvious from the user interface and icons. Unless, MeeGo has been skinned on this device to look like our dear lady Anna.

So, this device is a slider QWERTY, runs Anna or an Anna-look-alike-MeeGo, and has a 12 megapixel camera with dual LED flash.

Errr…. that sounds like the E7 with a different camera; doesn’t it? We love Nokia here (just like we Samsung, Sony Ericsson and the others), but sometimes we just don’t get it.

While aspects of the UI do look like Symbian Anna, a few touches here and there certainly sway us to believe that the N9 is indeed running MeeGo. We still do not think that its a good idea for Nokia’s MeeGo UI to look so much like Symbian’s. Except, Nokia are looking to replace Symbian with MeeGo, in which case we’ll make an exception.

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  1. just because it has symbian looking icons doesn’t mean it runs symbian. Nokia typically uses the same icon set with all their os’s. S40 and symbian had the same icons for a long time. If you compare some of the shots with those on the meego handset ux page you’ll know it is definitely running meego. The multi-tasking screen, the layout of the bar at the top, and the text entry. It’s amazing how this story has “evolved” from meego to symbian since the video got leaked this morning. Hint: the n900 also has “Anna” style icons now. Guess that makes it symbian too

  2. Further confirmation that this is indeed running MeeGo: MeeGo Facebook Page

    If this turns out to be a combination of the N8 and E7 in one package (with a 1GHz processor minimum), oh my world, we have a nomination for Mr. Mobility’s Smartphone of the Year 2011!

  3. For the N9 or N950 which ever is the case, to be competitively compared with the android and IOS phones, it needs to pack in atleast 1ghz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, 12 MP Carl Z. auto focus camera, scratch resistant screen, internal and external memories packing nothing less than 16 GB and 32 GB respectively, screen resolution of atleast 800 by 400, super AMOLED or CBD AMOLED, USB on the Go, HD video and other latest high end functions seen on android and ios phones. Finally the meego OS should be a combination of features similar to iphone, android and nokia’s Anna to make it a perfect phone.

  4. Attahiru your right but you forgot one critical thing APP’s, if nokia throws in alien dalvik (for running android apps) and a good developer community adopts the phone just like the N900 then yes it could be the perfect phone for me.

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