Nokia will be back with a bang come next year

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Reports are coming in that Nokia will resume making smart phones come ending of next year. Parts of their deal with Microsoft indicates that Nokia is bound not to release any hardware under their brand name until the third quarter of 2016.

It appears Nokia is eagerly waiting for that time, to enable them start making smartphones. As reported by ReCode details of what they will make or its features is still unknown, but we trust Nokia-as always-to come up with something pleasing.

Is Nokia coming back with a bang? Or just trying to stay afloat. Only time will tell.


  1. the title and ur question in d conclusion are contradictory.. but tis a let’s wait and see conundrum.

  2. If I’m correct, it’s in the 2nd quarter of next year that Nokia can start using the name again.

    I guess we can only watch this space to see what will happen. I’m not convinced they will come back with a big bang, as others have eaten their lunch during the lull.

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