RAM managers are apps that claim to help you keep your smartphone running more smoothly. Don’t be too quick to believe that however. For the

Why you should not use RAM managers on your smartphone

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RAM managers are apps that claim to help you keep your smartphone running more smoothly. Don’t be too quick to believe that however. For the most part, they mess up the performance of your smartphone or other device. Let me proceed with a personal example.

Xiaomi’s MIUI comes with a built-in RAM manager. The default power profile on the Xiomi Mi 4 when it arrived was set to clear background processes automatically when the device is locked. The result? I was very frustrated my first few days of using the Mi 4. I would be carrying out a task with an app, leave my phone for a few minutes during which it locks.

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When I unlock the phone to continue with my work, the app has been shut down. Of course, I could notice some lag/pause when I tap the app in question as it starts up from scratch again. I always had to wait a few moments for the apps to resume their previous state. It slowed me down. Chatting was painful. Working in the web browser was frustrating.

I had to modify the profile to prevent background tasks from being shut down when the device is locked. Once I modified that setting to disable the built-in RAM Manager, all the lags and pauses went away and I began to enjoy blissful performance.

RAM Mangers are crappy because they go against the very idea behind using an Android smartphone. Let me share an analogy that someone shared on Google+:

RAM Managers Explained For The Layman

So, imagine you have a store full of books. Most of the books are in storage. So when someone walks in and says “I want Book Y” you walk to the storage, get up on a ladder, grab Book Y and go back and give it to them.

Then the next 10 customers walk in and ask for Book Y, and one customer asks for Book L. So you’re smart and instead of continuing to go back to storage and grabbing Book Y 10 times you just grab a bunch of Book Y once and keep a bunch on a small shelf nearby. You still get stuck grabbing Book L from storage because it’s less common so you weren’t ready. But at least when people ask for Book Y you don’t have to go to storage.

This is obviously a better system. You can be faster at selling because a bunch of Book Y is on a nearby shelf and people keep asking for Book Y. No need to go to storage except for sometimes.

Now imagine some asshole comes in and takes all of the books off that nearby shelf every single fucking time you stock it up. Literally you HAVE to walk all the way to storage every time because of this idiot. This guy claims he’s helping to “keep your shelf clean”. Meanwhile you’re TRYING to use that shelf to store best-seller books.

That idiot is a RAM cleaner. Don’t hire that idiot.

The whole idea of a multi-tasking Android smartphone is that it is designed to keep the apps you are using up and running so you can access them fast. RAM managers/cleaners mess this up by shutting down those often used apps.Yes; the RAM Manager is a meddling idiot that you do not need. If one comes built into your smartphone, it might be in your best interest to disable.

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  1. Modern RAM Managers are actually not that elementary or rudimentary. They are getting smart

    You can specify what apps to exclude when you clear your garbage, and other such parameters like how long to wait before the clearing happens, and other conditions under which the clearing occurs. .

    I use a RAM Manager, and clearly it is useful in some instances

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