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The iPhone X has a Super Retina display, and like many flagships, it has a unique wallpaper. The official iPhone X wallpaper has blurry colours and so gives a Bokeh-like effect. This makes the app icons on the screen look like they are in focus in the foreground and the wallpaper out of focus in the background. It is a lovely piece of work.

official iphone x wallpaper full hd download

If you appreciate the concept behind the iPhone X wallpaper, the great news is that you do not have to own an iPhone X or any iPhone for that matter to use it on your smartphone. Feel free to commit the sacrilege of downloading and using this official iPhone wallpaper on your Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, TECNO, Nokia, or Xiaomi smartphone.

As a matter of fact, if you still own one of those old BlackBerry OS smartphones…yes; you got the message. We get your message too; stop throwing the tomatoes, please!

Personally, it is a bit too colourful and bright for my taste, but if you are reading this, chances are you like it. So, this is my good deed of the day. The download link is below.

iPhone X Wallpaper Full HD Download

Go ahead and download the wallpaper HERE.

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  1. I’ve never loved default wallpapers. That’s one of the first things I change in a new phone.

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