The ONN Global Adapter solves the traveller’s power needs

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I remember arriving Abidjan, the economic capital of Côte d’Ivoire, on a trip and finding that I would be unable to charge my smartphone and laptop. No; it wasn’t that electric power was unavailable. It was.

The problem was that the wall charging sockets were different from what my plugs supported. The same thing happened on a trip to the United States. Simply put, I was stranded. I could not get my devices charged. And it was the ONN Global Adapter that saved my neck.

The ONN Global Adapter is the only power adapter you will ever need. It has plugs and sockets for every kind of wall socket and power plug in the world. There are retractable plugs for USA, China, UK, Australia, and Europe – which pretty much covers everything.

The adapter also has two USB ports and an output socket that lets you plug in variations of 3-pin and 2-pin plugs for your phones, tablets, laptops and more. Also, the ONN adapter supports output voltages of 120v and 240v. It is a very versatile gadget.

onn global adapter plugs

Do Not Leave Home Without The ONN Global Adapter

The ONN adapter costs about $25 (currently about N9,000). You are better off having it in your travel bag before you set out on your journey, so you can order one from one of the numerous online stores. If you’d like to risk it, you can wait to snatch one up at an electronics store at your destination city.

However you go about it, once you have a global power adapter of this sort, you will realise that it is an essential tool for any globe trotter.

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  1. Future things, no travel on sight.. I can’t imagine being stranded in a foreign country

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